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Basic requirements of a nursing student

Having decided to pursue the profession of nursing is a good thing that a person could have done in his or her career, because being a nurse is one wonderful feeling wherein you are likely to make an impact in a patient’s life in a very big way. Yes. As a nurse you will be entrusted with the responsibility of helping innumerable patients get rid of their disease and also restore their normal life back to them.

It is a very noble and passionate job and depending upon the sincerity and dedication with which you discharge the entrusted responsibilities, you are sure to book a ticket for yourself in the big bus that leads directly to the heaven after the end of your life in this universe.

It is true that the passion and your keen desire to help the needy might have brought you to the nursing school. While these are the basic ingredients that one must have to be a nurse, you should also have some other essential skills or attitudes, without which you cannot survive or continue in this noble profession.

As a nursing student, you must be brave enough to see in front of your own eyes, a child, a young man, a young girl, or a middle-aged man or even an old man, having lot of dreams, desires and ambitions in life, breathe his or her last or die, due to a disease or ailment. You should also be strong enough in mind to console yourself that despite the best of your efforts you could not save a person from death.

You must be tolerant enough to withstand the conditions around a patient, the blood running from the wounds, the vomiting, the ugly face of disease, and the unbearable pain suffered by the patient because of the disease. Not only should you bear the disturbing situation, but you should take the lead and rectify the condition that involves cleaning the blood or vomit, and also dress up the wounds and do such things that would help patient get relief from the pain. Mere passion and desire will not be enough to take up the job of a nurse, but also the mental strength and toughness to look at the pain of the patient, and also bear the unpleasant odor around the patient.

If, as a nurse, you were to attend to patient who was a victim in a tragedy like a bomb-blast or a train accident, then the situation will be very ugly. Some people might have lost their limbs, some people’s flesh would have been damaged badly, and the muscles torn, and some other might have even lost their lives on the spot. Seeing those sights might move the heart and soul for any ordinary person. You, as a nurse, should have that bravery not just to clear the area, but take charge of the patients and help them regain their normal status to the maximum extent possible through the discharge of your duties as a nurse.

Mere knowledge of the subject and a little more of compassion and helping tendency will not be sufficient for a person to become a nurse. These things are not meant to discourage you but only to appraise you of the toughness and the challenge the career of nursing offers to a person.

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