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Basic skills that a nurse should possess

Having weighed the merits and challenges of the nursing profession, you have taken the wise decision of taking up nursing as your chosen career or profession, and got enrolled in to a nursing school.

As is the case with any profession, the first year of studies in the nursing college will be quite tough and challenging, because you are learning a new trade and trying to adapt yourself to the requirements and demands of the new profession.

If you equip yourself with some very basic skills and master those essential skills, you can have advantage over other friends in your class and perform well in the academics in addition to improving your self-confidence.

The basic skills required are – a) reading skills; b) writing skills; c) basic math skills; d) listening skills; e) science; and f) people skills.

The skills related to reading, writing, science, and math will, most probably, will be available to you as most of you would have completed the schooling career and enrolled into the nursing school. If you do lack in any of these basic skills, then it is advisable that you take up special coaching and prepare yourself so that you do not feel alienated or find the subject tough to learn or understand properly.

The most essential basic skill that is required is the listening skill. You should be a good listener. As a conduit between the patient and the registered nurse or the doctor who is treating the patient, you should convey the pain and problems of the patient to the doctor and also listen to doctor’s instructions carefully and execute accordingly. There should no room for assumptions or lack of clarity in communication, as you are entrusted with the responsibility of saving the life of a patient.

As a nurse, you are responsible to interact with the patient’s family members and say motivating and encouraging words to the patient and family members. You should have the skill to handle the people in a soft and, at the same time, authoritative tone reflecting confidence and optimism.

These very basic and elementary skills, especially the listening and people skills, will not only help you overcome the blues in first year of nursing school, but also help you achieve success in the profession.

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