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Famous Nurses of the Past

There are literally hundreds of thousands of nurses out there in the United States and abroad today. A very successful career in the medical industry would not be met without the help and compassion of the men and women who have chosen the selfless profession of nursing. This article will shed a light on four of those women in history who have brought the nursing profession to where it is today: Displaying courage, compassion, great depths of education, intelligence, and bravery. Standing against all odds and time. These famous nurses of history have made their own mark in the world of nursing, clearing the paths for the men and women of today, and tomorrow.

Clara Barton-

This famous nurse brought us the Red cross, she was a great leader for her time, and most would say, ahead of her time, bringing us great health and organization in 1881. Most don’t know that it was the first 20 years of her life that led up to her choosing a career in nursing. In 1861 when the U.S civil war broke out she took control of her destiny, made her impact on the future, and the Red Cross, as we know it today

Florence Nightingale-

The one who created the profession that it is today, leading the path for millions of men and women both. Someone from her background was not normally one to choose a profession like this. It was considered, “beneath” her family line, and was hard work, but as a teenager she was determined to pursue nursing. It was her father that stood beside her and aided her education abroad sending her to Germany to learn the practice of medicine. When the war broke out she was sent to help the injured and ill soldiers.

Margaret Sanger-

This famous nurse is the one that is solely responsible for the woman’s right to use birth control. She was one who took a very painful life experience and turned it into a bitter blessing. As the 6th child of 11 children, she came from a large poverty stricken family, and watched her own mother pass away due to multiple childbirths. No one knew the importance of birth control more than Margaret Sanger. She took her life lessons into the ghetto and helped women from the front lines of the streets, beginning her crusade to save the lives of many women and children.

Helen Fairchild-

During the war in 1914 there was a woman, Helen Fairchild, who was set on the front lines, exposed to mustard gas, and many other different forms of war habits. During all of this, it is sad to say that it was an operation to remove her ulcer that led her to her final resting place. When working as a nurse on the front line it was said that she was responsible for more than 2000 soldiers.

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