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How to become a Licensed Practical Nurse

Healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries and any profession in the healthcare industry is likely to have better prospects and opportunities than in other types of industries in an economy.

Nursing is one of the ideal choices in the health care industry where the demand for qualified people in the profession are in great demand and the requirement is on the rise with no signs of scarcity over the next few decades, if not more.

There are many ways through which one can get into the nursing profession. However, he or she should have some additional skills or traits, the most important of them being the compassionate heart and the urge and motivation to extend help and assistance to the people in general and the patients in particular.

One can become a Licensed Practical Nurse by enrolling himself or herself into a one-year diploma course offered by many vocational schools and or junior colleges.

Students enrolling to this course need to take up both academic and practical training skills in nursing care. The student is taught the basic concepts in nursing and such other things related to treatment of the patients. They will also be taught about the human anatomy, first aid, nutrition, methods of administering drugs to the patients, and all such related activities including surgical nursing. Apart from this academic knowledge, students are also required to take up practical course of patient care under the supervision of a senior instructor.

The successful completion of this 1-year course will make you eligible to apply for a license to practice as a nurse. You need to take up the licensing examination, normally conducted at a national level by the appropriate authority. On successful completion of the licensing examination, you will be provided with a license to carry out the practice as a Licensed Practicing Nurse.

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