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Is the nurse a savior or a tormentor?

The profession of nursing is a noble one where you, as a nurse, have the opportunity to save a patient’s life by ensuring that the disease does not kill the patient, and above all, you change the patient to a person once again. In other words, it is the service of the nurse to an ailing patient that helps a patient become a normal person once again.

Do you say that nurse is a savior of the life? Or is the nurse a tormentor?

Let us assume for a while that I come to the hospital as a patient suffering from fever or a viral infection.

As a nurse, what do you do, in the first instance? As per the instruction of the doctor, you, the nurse, make me open the mouth and put a thermometer there without caring whether it would hurt me or not? I need to hold that thermometer in the mouth for the full 60 seconds while you do all other things without caring about me or my inconvenience in holding the thermometer in the mouth. You torment me for the full 60 seconds.

After 60 seconds, the thermometer is taken out and you read out the temperature to the doctor. The doctor then writes out some medicines in the prescription slip. After a couple of minutes, again you are in front of me, this time with a big needle and a small bottle, ready to poke me with the needle at the arm or the buttocks. Thank God – you give me an option nevertheless. Anyhow, you are bent on poking me and causing pain to me with the needle in the name of injection. You do not care about the shivering or the chillness I feel in the a/c room of the doctor. You ask me to unstrip the shirt or show the arm to you. Now, without much concern or care, you use the small cotton to rub the spot and immediately poke the needle. You just do not stop with the poking. You hold the needle in that place there and allow the medicine in the syringe behind the needle to flow through my body – another 30 seconds or so of the time till the needle is poked into the body. If the temperate is more or needs further diagnosis, then you come again to me with a needle and without any concern about my pain, just poke on one of my fingers and suck a good amount of blood – in the name of blood test. And finally, you say it is all part of the treatment to your disease – very cruel is it not?

For just a normal disease of temperature, you, the nurse, torment by poking me with the needle. You also put a thermometer in the mouth without any concern for my suffering or inconvenience. Imagine if I had met with an accident or have a disease, which requires surgery or some other investigations. What would be my state in your hands? I just could not imagine myself. You must no doubt be a tormentor only.

Wait a minute. Why did the nurse do all these things to me – poking me with an injection without caring for my pain or suck blood from me? Had the nurse not done that, he or she would not have been aware of the seriousness of the disease and the consequences of the same if left unattended. The nurse only hurt me with an injection or poked me to get some blood only to assess the gravity of the problem and also to find the right solution to kill the disease and save me from the disease. Had she not killed the disease then, of course in a cruel way tormenting me, the disease would have inevitably killed me.

So, the nurse is not a tormentor by any means. The nurse can always be only a savior.

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