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Nurse Jackie Review

With a great star-studded cast, this show is sure to have you addicted like nurse Jackie is to her Percocet. Whether you are interested in her love affair, or can just relate to some of the other doctors on this new series, there is something for everyone. Leading lady is thrilled to take on her new character and portray the image of a strong, bullheaded and intelligently witty nurse who is out for blood.

It’s never a dull moment on this new TV hit show. You never know what Nurse Jackie is going to be up to next: inserting an IV after snorting Percocet, or perhaps disposing of another small body part? Showtime has outdone themselves this time around with such a great cast. The new hit has come out with force and authority setting the stage for a new series. Nurse Jackie, whom sincerely cares for those patients left in her care, could honestly drop a few doctors from the hospital roof. Wither her loving care towards her patients and her cynical (and yet overly dry) compassion for her doctors, this show is sure to lock you in no matter what side of the fence you find yourself on. With an attitude of nurse healing and doctor collecting, this show is sure to be around for a few more seasons!

What would a new hit series be without the short stylin’ diva that she is, having a hot affair with the good-looking pharmacist behind the counter? (Paul Schulze — Carmela’s priest from The Sopranos!). Apparently the painkiller and bad back have not stopped her from having a hot love life that one could only dream of, or has it? You’ll have to tune in once a week to watch Nurse Jackie on Showtime. There is something in this show for everyone.

The same people who have brought you the Cosby’s have brought nurse Jackie is to TV. This mixture of drama and comedy brings you everything that people are looking for in great TV today. We can shed a tear, share a laugh, or just nod our heads in agreement. Nurse Jackie delivers. With the star-studded cast, you are bound to see someone you recognize from other hit TV shows.

What women out there can’t sit there and relate to nurse Jackie’s work ethic and ball busting behaviors? At one point or another all of us women in the workforce today have wanted to tell our bosses off, knee some egotistical jerk in the nuts, or just give walk away for that matter. We live vicariously through Nurse Jackie.

If you are looking for that new hit show to catch on Friday nights, then check out Nurse Jackie at 8/7c on ShowTime. If you are like most Americans out there and want to see what you have missed out on, then you need to check out http://www.sho.com/nursejackie/episodes and there you can see a schedule of new and upcoming episodes as well as see anything you have missed up to this point.

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