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Nursing Careers and Opportunities

How Much Will Nursing Occupations Grow?

There is hope for this career to grow within the next six years by 24% there will be an estimated 587,000 jobs in nursing available at that time.

Where Will Nurses Be Employed During The Next Decade?

The nursing profession is going nowhere, there are going to be literally thousands of nursing occupations available, and their needs, and demand is going to grow into new realms. This is one of the most stable careers out there today.

Why Is The Nursing Job Outlook In Physicians’ Offices So Good?

AS the amount of physicians go independent and into their own clinics, then they are going to be staffing these offices and clinics with nurses

Why Is The Nursing Outlook In Home Health Care So Good?

AS healthcare costs are on the rise, there are more and more patients being sent home and into the care of home health agencies, there is always going to be a need for home health aides, and nurses as long as patients and the elderly are being sent home before they are truly ready to go home and be on their own.

Where Else Will Nurses Be Employed In The Next 10 Years?

The biggest growing demand for nurses is currently within the traveling nurse industry. What a great opportunity for young aspiring nurses! And cost effective too!

Which Hospital Departments Will Have The Greatest Need For Nurses?

There is a growing need for bilingual nurses, and within the urgent care and emergency rooms. Where there is going to be lack of control of patients rolling in the door, a floating nurse always has advantages as well.

What Is The Nursing Job Outlook For LPNs Versus RNs?

LPNs are employed more often due to the sliding fee in salaries in comparison to an RN, they are going to find more careers in hospitals and administrative positions and LPNs will thrive within he clinic atmospheres.

What Do Nurses Have To Say About Nursing Careers?

There are very few numbers when you look at how many students or veteran nurses have left the field to pursue other realms, often times they will peruse their career within the nursing field. Going back to school to become RN’s or earning their masters, becoming nurse practitioners, or just remaining where they are and earning their strips within the clinic or hospital setting they are currently in.

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