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Nursing Home Negligence Examples

Every year you hear thousands of different nursing home negligence incidents, whether they be from abuse, neglect, nurses mistreating residents, and yes, even staff theft from the residents as well. This is something that has got to stop. Education and awareness of this knowledge is the only way to put an end to the disrespect and illegal actions.

Nurse Gives Nursing Home Patient Black Eye

This nursing home negligence example is more physical abuse than anything else. A registered nurse punched a 76 year old resident (who suffered from Alzhiemer’s) in the face, leaving the resident with a black eye.

Multiple Falls Cause a Brain Injury and Broken Hip

A 82 year old male resident suffered nine falls. One caused a severe hip fracture and another fall caused a subdural hematoma. No one answered his call light and was forced to go to the restroom without assistance.

Treatable Heel Ulcer Turns into Leg Amputation

A 57 year old resident suffered from a heel ulcer injury. In a dispicable case of nursing home negligence, no one addressed the issue for six weeks. The sore grew about four times its original size to 8 cm by 11 cm. It turned black and smelled. When the resident was finally transferred to the hospital the leg had to be amputated at the knee.

Tube Malfunction

A resident with cerebal palsy had a PEG tube dislodge and enter her abdoninal cavity, causing a massive infection. Although the patient survived, there were permanent abnormalities and damages to her body.

Fraud and Maltreatment

Records from the nursing home claimed this resident had clear skin even though he was transferred to the hospital for severe dehydration, which caused an infection leading to his death less than a month later.

Bed Strangulation

In this nursing home negligence example, a 91 year old resident was found dead. She was trapped in her bed rail, suspended by her neck.

Bedsore Exposes Tailbone

A 90-year-old resident received deformation of several pressure ulcers. One ulcer was so big it exposed her tailbone leading to her passing very soon after.

Catheter Neglect

A supposed skilled nursing facility had a resident die from severe uropesis. It was caused by not caring for or cleaning the catheter or area.

Multiple Falls Cause Death

A nursing home resident suffered from advanced dementia. She fell 3 times. Following the 3rd fall she was not able to walk. With little to now follow up her health quickly dissipated. She was taken to the hospital rather then seeing the on-call on location facility physician. They learned she had a severely fractured hip. She died 2 weeks later.

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