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Nursing in Saudi Arabia

Some of the best nursing jobs are overseas. Other countries are experiencing severe shortage of nurses. Countries such as Australia, UK, USA and Saudi Arabia present great opportunities for nurses to work abroad. Right now, Saudi Arabia is the premiere job destination for nurses looking for work abroad. Apart from Saudi Arabia’s dynamic business sector, the medical field is also growing. Many hospitals and health clinics are being established and inaugurated in order to take care of the sick and elderly. To meet the ever increasing demands, the Saudi Arabian government has set up a policy for hiring nurses from overseas to fill in vacant positions. Nursing in Saudi Arabia offers one of the highest tax-free salary packages with 5 to 8 weeks of paid vacation, free housing, free transportation and a lot more.

Many people from the Third World countries travel to Saudi Arabia and work as nurses because the base salary is really much higher than what they get back home. They can pay five to seven times the annual salary nurses earn in their country of origin. But this is not true for Westerners who get almost the same or even higher salaries in their own countries. But they still choose to work in Saudi Arabia for the longer paid vacation. The opportunity to take a vacation and travel is a huge factor why Westerners work as nurses in Saudi Arabia.

There are many positive sides for working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. Aside from the tax free salary, you may also enjoy these extra benefits:

Pay Range: Average yearly salary is 30,000 to 40,000 USD and is 100 % tax free plus free housing, free transportation and full one month leave in a single working year. There is overtime for working extra hours in some organizations.

Housing: Some hospitals or employers offer house rent allowance even free accommodation for some. You may want to check with the employer or recruitment agency first. The apartments or living quarters are open for twin sharing basis only. There is no chance you are allowed to bring along or live with any family member. Most hospitals are situated in compounds so generally the apartments are very near your place of work. By the way, the living quarters are fully-furnished and the compounds are equipped with their own gym, canteen, swimming pool and bank.

Working Hours: Forty-eight hours work per week is considered regular and minimum especially in shifting duties. The shifts last 8 to 12 per day depending upon work load and staffing. Most hospitals offer overtime pay but you may want to check this out with your agency or employer.

Paid Vacation and Holidays: Nurses can avail of a forty-five day annual paid vacation with a round-trip air ticket to your home country even after only ten months. Some employers offer paid sick leaves and paid holidays.

Others: Free medical or health insurance, uniform, transportation or shuttle service, bonus upon completion of contract, travel allowance and travel tax incentives, and cell phone.

These are just some of the perks and benefits of nurses working in Saudi Arabia. Nursing in Saudi Arabia varies from one hospital to another. You may want to check first with your agency or employer before signing any contract.

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