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Nursing Jobs in Italy

Are you currently in nursing and have been for a few years? Or maybe you are someone who is just getting into the medical industry fresh out of nursing school? Then you need to be thinking about what’s next. Have you ever considered traveling to Italy? Well what about combining those dreams to travel with your moneymaking abilities? You can become a traveling nurse and see beautiful Italy all in the same day!

There are going to be many advantages to becoming a traveling nurse, and with the new demand for nursing jobs in Italy it’s only common sense to put the two together. Nursing jobs are on the rise all over the world. If Italy isn’t calling your name perhaps one of the many other places are.

Worth The Trip

Did you know that most of the traveling nursing agencies are going to pay for all of your traveling expenses from the minute you leave your door at home to the second you arrive at your temporary staying home in Italy? There are some places that are going pay a flat rate for your traveling and work time over sees, but there are often times places that will break all of that up for you. With all of the jobs in nursing overseas, in Italy, and other foreign lands most of the nursing recruiting offices are competing for your business. There has never been a better time to be in nursing.

Living Arrangements

While you are oversees visiting and taking advantage of all of the nursing jobs in Italy be sure to ask your agent about housing expenses, or about the opportunity to choose your own housing. This is something you may want to contact a local Italian realtor about to be sure that you are in a safe area near your work.


When you are in a traveling nurse contract you are going to be eligible for bonuses. As if traveling to Italy and taking a job in nursing isn’t enough. Usually the bonuses are going to be in the $5000.00 realm. These are going to be paid at the end of your 13-15 week stint working in Italy. Typically the jobs that are hard to fill are going to be paid more, and there are times when the overseas jobs are the ones that are the most difficult to fill. Be sure and tell your recruiter your preference is to receive an overseas nursing job, preferably in Italy.

How To Take Advantage

There are so many different doors opening for you when you are looking for nursing jobs, whether it is right here in the U.S or you want to take the opportunity to see the world. Don’t stop at your door, look beyond the end of your street. Remember that the road doesn’t drop off at the edge of town. Take your new talents and nursing education to new places. Italy is waiting for you, and so are the nursing jobs there!

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