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Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

There is a great demand for the services of a registered nursed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nurses from Asian countries, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are recruited and hired for various nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia. The demand is due to the ever increasing foreign working population in Saudi Arabia in top of its own population growth.

Nurses looking for advancement in career, new clinical and hospital experiences change in the working atmosphere and better pay are gravitating towards nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia. Recruiting agencies abound looking for health workers, registered nurses especially.

There is always a need for registered nurses in the labor and delivery department, maternity and obstetrics, medical and surgical departments, operating room, endoscopy, pediatrics, ICU (intensive care unit) Emergency Room and radiology. Aside from being a registered nurse, she should have a t least two years of post graduate experience.

For heads of departments such as PICU, NICU, maternity nursery and cath lab, the RN should have at least an 8-year experience related to the department inclusive of at least 3 years experience of being a head nurse. A western education or its equivalent is desired and a certification and registration from a Nursing Council or State board exams.

There are plenty of agencies recruiting registered nurses for a job in Saudi Arabia. It is important to do due diligence when applying for a nursing job in Saudi Arabia. There are plenty of local and international recruiters out there and not all of them are legitimate. A lot of horror “recruiting “stories abound so be very careful.

When looking for an accredited nurse recruiting agency you could ask fellow nurse for reputable one s that they know. Your basic healthcare recruiting agency should have at least some years of experience in its resume and a list of happy RNs enjoying their work abroad. Do not settle for a new recruitment agency that has no track record. It is better for you to pay a slightly higher placement fee to a reputable agency than paying a tad smaller to a dubious agency.

To start your application you need to prepare the following for personal or online submission. First, a personal interview is favorable. If this is not feasible, then a phone interview would have to suffice. You need to submit one to two referrals with your online application and application assessment. The agency also requires that you submit a current health record with the latest results of your physical examination. These requirements are on top of your resume.

Healthcare recruitment agencies offer different packages for their clients. The agency’s main job is to secure a favorable working condition and contract and good salary for you. In a nutshell, the health facilities and hospitals are the clients of the agency and you are the service provider. Packages are almost always inclusive of very lucrative salaries, housing accommodation, and shuttle to and from work, annual round-trip tickets to county of origin, and a bonus upon the completion of a 2-year contract.

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