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Nursing Salaries in Saudi Arabia

There are plenty of opportunities for health service providers in Saudi Arabia. The most in-demand health related job in this country is nursing. Registered nurses from all over the world are opting to relocate in Saudi Arabia because of the wide range of opportunities open for a registered nurse. Saudi Arabia hospitals always have positions open for: head nurses, staff nurses, ICU staff nurses, charge nurses. There are also opportunities to work in the training aspect of the trade for positions like: nursing Instructor, nursing educator, nursing officers, quality assurance nurse and director of nursing.

Contrary to belief, nursing salaries in Saudi Arabia are not in the high US$ 50,000. As in hospitals all over the world, pay is based on the RN’s years of experience and field of expertise. The normal salary range runs in the $500 to $5000 a month, according to some sources. The big difference is largely due to the country of origin, the experience of the employee, the hospital who employed you and the agency who recruited you.

There are a lot of benefits that is attached to your contract as an RN in Saudi Arabia. For one, your salary is tax free. You would not have to pay anything to the local government. You are provided with free housing-fully furnished, paid vacations of 4 to 10 weeks, a roundtrip ticket to your point of entry. You are also presented with an opportunity to travel and work in an outstanding tertiary hospital. There are very minimal upkeep fees as even utility bills are paid for by the hospital.

Hospitals in Saudi Arabia are humongous. It is not an unusual thing to get lost in the vast complex. Even seasoned staff do get lost in the labyrinth of corridors. It is imperative that you know your way around the hospital for your own safety. It is best to get a job in a privately owned hospital than a ministry-run hospital.

There is some truth to the fact that Caucasians, especially North Americans, are given higher nursing salaries in Saudi Arabia. Asians and South Africans are paid less even if they do the same work as the Caucasians. The basis for nursing salaries in Saudi Arabia is dependent on the basic pay for an RN in her country. Suffice to say that even if the Asians and South Africans are paid less, their take home pay in a Saudi hospital is still greater than what they will normally earn back home. The Americans are actually not “tax-less” as they have to pay their taxes once they land in US soil.

Work contracts in Saudi Arabia are usually single status – family is not included. This may be because of the housing arrangement provided by the hospital. In a nutshell, nursing salaries in Saudi Arabia are more than acceptable because of the low cost of living, no taxes paid to the local government, paid vacations, bonuses and perks and the opportunity to travel to neighboring countries.

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