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Saudi Arabia Nurses

Saudi Arabia has become a land of opportunity with more than 2 million foreign workers to date. There is one foreign worker in six of the population. There are many job openings that attract people from other countries like Australia, New Zealand even the US and the United Kingdom. One of the more attractive aspects of working in Saudi Arabia is the tax-free salary. On top of the base salary, there are other benefits such as long paid vacations, free board and lodging, free shuttle service, travel allowance, health and medical insurance and even bonus perks upon completion of contract.

Saudi Arabia Nurses
are a mix of different nationalities. There are Canadians, Americans, Australians, South Africans and of course, Saudi Arabians themselves. Nurses from the United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada are paid higher salary than those from other countries. The reason behind this is not discrimination. The Saudis calculate the salary of nurses based on the average salary of a general registered nurse in their home country. After getting the average, they offer what they call a fair wage. Nurses coming from developing countries find the salary competitively higher than their pay back home. So they willingly grab job opportunities to work abroad if only for this reason.

But nursing in Saudi Arabia poses many challenges. If you are not one who can adapt well to new surroundings, different culture and people, better think twice before applying for or accepting a nursing job offer in the Kingdom. Anyone who comes to work there should respect the religion. “In Shalah” which means God willing is a key phrase that you would often hear. Allah takes care of everything. Saudi life generally revolves around this one fundamental rule.

Saudi Arabia Nurses are mostly single women. They live on the hospital compound. They have their own furnished apartments which they share with two or more nurses or hospital staff. Working in Saudi Arabia is generally safe. The compounds have high protective walls to shield foreigners from any type of threat. The compounds are equipped with facilities such as gym and a swimming pool. Transportation within the compound is not a problem. Shuttle service is always available.

Saudi Arabia Nurses also work in high-tech facilities. Medical equipment and treatments are updated regularly. They recruit the best people to maintain the equipment and hire top doctors to provide medical care.

Saudi Arabia Nurses generally enjoy a less hectic life compared to their lives back home. There is no long commute from your apartment to your place of work. Electricity, telephone and water bills are taken care of. There is just your work or job. The success of your career as a nurse in Saudi Arabia largely depends on your willingness and respect for the Saudi way of life which is simple and straight-forward.

Working and living in Saudi Arabia is really a challenge. You need to embrace it with an open mind and heart. Your success there generally lies on how well you adapt to change.

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