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Saudi Arabia Nursing Salary

Salary is an essential factor that an individual should consider before entering any career. As the demand for nurses increases around the globe, the salary ranges are being adjusted to meet the growing needs. Nurses in the United Kingdom earn generally lower than nurses from the United States But it’s a wholly different scenario for nurses working in developing countries. They earn much much lower than their foreign counterparts. Registered nurses from these countries are now becoming more practical. They want to live securely when it comes to day to day needs such as food, shelter and clothing and to provide stable income for the family. These are some of the reasons why skilled professionals such as nurses leave their own countries where they are greatly needed.

To work or not to work in a different country is a matter of choice. Nurses from the US who earn a decent salary still wish to work in other countries. Right now, hospitals in Saudi Arabia are looking for registered nurses from developing and developed countries including the US, especially those trained in neonatal, pediatrics, intensive care, surgery, and psychiatry. And American nurses are taking advantage of this. Working in Saudi Arabia looks attractive to American nurses because of the paid five-week vacations, numerous paid holidays, and flexible work shifts that come with the attractive tax-free salary package.

Saudi Arabia nursing salary, even that of the United Arab Emirates, ranges from $30,000 to $35,000 a year tax-free. On top of the longer paid vacation and holidays, the package also includes free housing, transportation, and health insurance. Most hospitals have their own compounds, shuttle service and living accommodations.

Saudi Arabia nursing salary generally varies depending on one hospital to another, experience and the nurse’s country of origin. Most hospitals and institutions also base their salary and allowances on salary rates prevailing in the country where you originally came from, i.e. Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, UK and the US.

The salary is normally given at the end of each month in Saudi Riyals directly into the nurse’s bank account. The hospital should be able to assist you in opening a bank account. Many hospitals have a bank with ATM machines on the compound. You can easily transact bank transfers to anywhere around the globe.

More and more nurses are becoming interested in working in Saudi Arabia. There are a variety of reasons but the number one reason is to save money. Everything else is secondary. The very fact that no tax is deducted from your salary, no monthly rent to worry about, no problem with transportation, gas and car maintenance, no monthly electricity and water bills allows you to do just that. Whether you send the money you save back home or put away for your future and security, working and living in Saudi Arabia present a lot of opportunities for you. The opportunity to practice your profession, travel and learn a new culture, meet people and get paid for it are enough reasons to work in Saudi Arabia.

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