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Top Health Care Jobs in the USA

In 2006, the USA healthcare industry was the largest with 14 million jobs, 430,000 of which were for the self-employed healthcare professionals. Currently 7 out of the top 20 jobs are all health related and the trend will lead to the healthcare industry generating 3 million more jobs up to the year 2016.

The healthcare industry is a combination of high technology and personal human touch with a round-the-clock care from newborn to geriatrics or the critically or terminally ill. It is reported that there are some 580,000 establishments that currently cater to health care. Of this, 77 % is composed of private offices of physicians, dentists and other health practitioners. Although hospitals comprise of only 1% of the health establishments, they nevertheless have the greatest percentage of employees at 35%.

The top health care job is that of a nurse. The American Health Care Association reports that any given day, there are 100,000 job openings for nurses. This lot includes RNs, Nursing Associates and CNAs. The nursing profession and its affiliates make up the largest portion of the medical industry. To date there are more than 2,542,760 registered nurses in the work force earning an average of $31 per hour or $65,000 gross annual income. According to statistics there is a shortage of nurses in the United States that there is still a tendency to hire nurses from other countries.

There are various types of nursing jobs at different types of health facilities. There is the section under ambulatory patients wherein doctors’ offices, dentists’ clinics, medical diagnostics laboratories, home health care services and other out-patient clinics, health practitioners’ offices are listed. Under hospital, there are the medical and surgical hospitals, psychiatric and detoxification hospitals and other type of hospitals.

Under Nursing and residential care facilities are: residential mental health facilities, community care facilities for the elderly, nursing care facilities, and other residential care facilities.

The second top health care job in the United States is that of a doctor. In terms of compensation doctors top the list. However, due to the number of years spent getting a doctor’s degree, residency and other post-grad internships and fellowship, the return of investment is slow (but sure) to come. A doctor’s income is never at a fixed rate as their income is dependent on his specialty. In general, a doctor’s annual income is in the hundreds of thousands.

Allied Health services refer to jobs like Chemotherapy Technician, Cardiovascular Tech, Dialysis Technician, Emergency Medical Tech (EMT), EKG Technician, Radiology Tech or X-Ray Tech, Surgical Tech, Medical Technicians, Technologists and Assistants. This group has a high salary bracket but a four-year college degree is needed to qualify for any of these jobs.

Jobs relating to medical office administration and other support jobs are in demand too. This group does not require a college degree and therefore the pay is not that high. However, the demand is great and the work force comprises 18% of all health related jobs.

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