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Travel Nursing In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the biggest country of the Arabian Peninsula. Its capital is Riyadh with a population of close to 5 million out of 29 million of the total population of the country. Saudi Arabia has its first oil boom in the 1980s. The sudden surge in terms of job opportunities and therefore population, led the country to quickly build facilities for the housing and medical needs of its new labor force. Currently, 23% of its population is foreigners and migrants working in different capacities and cities in the country.

The rise of humongous hospitals all over the Saudi Arabia brought on wave after wave of foreign health workers and health providers. Registered nurses and doctors were and still are in demand in the many hospitals all over Saudi Arabia.

One of the leading healthcare related jobs that are in demand in Saudi Arabia is that of a travel nurse. A travel nurse is an RN who works as a replacement for a nursing position that has been vacated. A travel nurse fills in until a permanent RN is hired. Travel nursing in Saudi Arabia is becoming a much sought after job. The reasons are largely due to the many personal benefits raked in by a travel nurse. Travel nursing in Saudi Arabia pays as much as $40 an hour.

The work of a travel nurse usually lasts from a short four weeks to even a year. At a glance, the job would seem unstable for it is actually a temporary position. However, such is not the case. Travel nurses are registered in agencies that handle their job schedules. For a fee, a regular RN could get the services of a travel nurse agency to get the ball rolling, so to speak. You can travel nurses you know for reputable travel nurse recruiters to avoid scams.

Why are more nurses gravitating towards travel nursing in Saudi Arabia? Aside from the great salary, a travel nurse could also incorporate personal touring or sightseeing in between jobs. A travel nurse does not have to be tied up in a workplace that she does not like. She can just leave without fear of being blackballed after the contract. There are a lot or perks that goes with the job. Traveling expenses are shouldered by the employer so is the furnished housing usually within the compound of the hospital. More often than not, the utility bills are also paid for by the hospital.

Since foreign workers are except from paying taxes to Saudi Arabia, the gross income of a travel nurse is as is. There is not a cent deducted from the actual pay slip. A six to ten-week paid vacation is all part of the travel nurse’s package too. A career as a travel nurse is certainly very appealing. You will have the opportunity to be assigned in various locations, meet new and interesting people, work in different hospital set-ups and have the option to accept the temp job on a permanent basis.

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