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Travel Nursing: Saudi Arabia

Travel nursing has nothing to do with a nurse being employed by a transportation company nor does it mean a nurse doing her duties while on a mode of transportation. A travel nurse is an RN who works to fill in vacancies in different medical institutions. It allows a registered nurse a career choice of short-term positions across the country, serving different hospitals. This job is in demand and most hospitals are willing to pay a hefty salary for a nurse to fill in a vacancy until a permanent replacement is found.

Travel nursing used to be an exclusive practice in the US. Today, travel nursing in Saudi Arabia is gaining popularity as the demand for highly qualified registered nurses rise. The contract for a travel nurse usually spans a minimum of three months to as long as a year. With this job, a travel nurse gets to have the benefit of: working in different hospital environments, travelling a lot, be at liberty to carve your career at the pace you are comfortable with, have a very competitive salary plus bonuses.

At a glance, the job of a travel nurse seems unstable for after all you are just filling in until the permanent replacement comes. This is not so for travel nurses are practically recruited by the hospital as full time replacements so there is really no need to worry about being in between jobs. When you choose to be a travel nurse, it is best to register with a recruiting agency so that you are assured of a steady string of travel nursing positions. The recruiter might take quite a chunk out of your pay but in the end, it would be all worth it.

It is a fact that Saudi Arabia has a great demand for RNs and other healthcare providers like doctors and dentists. Saudi Arabia is fast becoming one of the top highly industrialized and urbanized countries worldwide and with progress comes growing demands in education and healthcare.

The need for highly trained nurses in different fields of specialization never ceases. For this matter, a travel nurse is best to be trained in many fields of specialization too. A regular staff nurse earns anywhere from $23,000 to $35,000 a month in a Saudi Arabia hospital. A travel nurse can earn from a$23 to $40 per hour. The difference in salary is dependent on the RN’s country’s basic nurse pay. So, in some cases, working in the USA would translate to more money in terms of gross salary. However, there are no taxes deductible from a travel nurse’s pay slip. If your salary is set at $20 an hour, then you get the $20 as is. No deductions.

Travel nurses are also afforded transient lodgings in the hospital compound they work for. If you work as a travel nurse you will be provided with a fully furnished unit in the hospital’s housing facility. In most instances, the utilities are also paid for by the hospital that employed you. With all these benefits and a six to ten week of paid vacation as an added bonus, who would not want to be a travel nurse?

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