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What does a certified first aid course do for you?

Each and every person should have some basic knowledge about First Aid. By nature, all of us do have some basic knowledge and idea about first aid, which we do by instinct. For example, assume that you are working in a kitchen cutting the vegetables with a sharp knife. A sudden call or some urgent work distracts your attention and you injure yourself with a minor cut in the fingers. Immediately what you do is apply from pressure in the wounded part to arrest the blood flow, clean with the area with water and immediately tie the wound with a piece of cloth soaked in water. Is it not? It is what we call it First Aid. These things we do by instinct many times, but the nature and cause of many ailments do not give advance notice to us before attacking.

It so happens sometimes that even for a minor ailment such as sore throat, people get panic and queue before the hospital for treatment. More than the severity of the problem, the panic that causes is what kills a person more. By getting training in first aid and knowing about these basic health-related issues, one can definitely lead a good life free from panic and worry. More than the confidence, what the knowledge about First Aid teaches us the precautions and care we should exercise while doing activities.

In fact, a good knowledge about First Aid will help in following the adage – “Prevention is better than cure” more than providing first aid and then opting for cure.

First aid is essential for all people in all walks of life. Assume that you are traveling in a public transport system such as bus. You see a person driving a bike or a car collides in an accident and hurt himself or herself badly. You can immediately administer some first aid to the person and help him or her get admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

If you are a teacher, a worker in the factory, a police man, a driver or even a farmer, you need to have some knowledge about first aid. Awareness of the importance of first aid and if possible, a certificate in first aid training will make you fell confident about life, extend your services to the suffering persons at large, and above all, you can get the satisfaction of having saved a person’s life.

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