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Common Issues with Nursing Assistants

Nursing is one of the most fulfilling jobs being rendered. Nursing assistants specifically performs their duty with dignity, utmost respect and gentle care to their clients. However, some personal issues are inevitable and sometimes can create a rivalry between them and their clients especially stress gets in the way. In this case, the good things are replaced with the negative one.

Common complaints of the patients are when they are not getting what they expect. Like when nursing assistants spend just a little time in order to catch up with the other clients’ need. They complain that their provider is always working fast and not even talking with them. In this case, the clients lack personal or emotional care.

It is very important for the health provider to respond adequately to their client’s request. This is common in those people who have no longer significant others who can take care and to be with them anytime they want. Most of these people are the older ones. They tend to ask frequent help in order to meet their emotional or physical needs. They are always wanting for someone who will listen to them. Their common requests are as easy as helping them in getting out of the bed, assisting them with their meals and grooming. Some patients would ask to accompany them to have a walk down the hall. Nursing assistants must always remember that these people need holistic care.

However, in some instances in which a medical emergency takes place, prioritization should be emphasized. The other patients on the other hand felt that they are left behind. In this case, it is the nursing assistant’s role to let them understand of the reason for the time not spent with them but without breaking the other patient’s confidentiality. They must understand that patients sometimes do not think that they are the only person to be taken cared of. Sometimes they want to be responded immediately if they asked, and often they get upset if they are kept waiting for long. One makes sure how to deal with this kind of situation and maintain therapeutic communication. Other reason for this is when the hospital lacks workers; as a result, the workers tend to be in a hurry in order to catch their time and not forgetting the other patients.

It is also very important for the health providers to maintain confidentiality at all times by not discussing any patient’s case to other individuals. They must try not to discuss any patient’s cases. Sometimes workers share information when they are in the elevators, or during breaks. This should be prevented. They must be careful with their words and gestures every time they speak to their clients or their significant others because they are very sensitive. They must not assume that the patient is not awake or cannot hear them even when the patient is unconscious.

Nursing assistants try their very best to work efficiently and effectively. They see to it that they are giving their patients with quality care and ensuring their safety. With an increasing demand of this field and an increasing number of clients, it is likely that there would be more health care providers to be wanted.

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