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Nursing Home Jobs

We have all understand writing the tale of the Lady with the Lamp. Though it is only when we come across nurses in the line of our illness or those of our close ones that we understand how essential their job is. A mainstream of staff in the nursing homes across the United States are nursing staff. They are classified into Certified Nurse Assistants/Aides (CNAs), Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

A greater part of nurses in the United States are females, a lot single mothers or immigrants. They choose the job because jobs are abundant and offer supple functioning hours. A nurse’s duty involves taking care of the patient’s day to day requirements at the nursing home including transferring the patient to and from the bed, providing and removing the bed pan, cleaning the patient, administering injections, and helping the patient eat food and medicines. Nurses also help doctors during surgery. As a result, their occupation demands that they constantly stand during a surgery or stroll about endlessly for hours doing patient rounds. Additionally, they have to lift patients, frequently physically from their beds. Hence, they have to be lively and fit. Since nursing homes offer round the clock service, they have to be geared up to work weekends, nights, and holidays. During an emergency or staff scarcity, they may be asked to do double shifts.

The troubles related with nursing include poor pay, long hours, night shifts, limited development, and work-related hazards. Nursing homes repeatedly face scarcity of CNAs because they are paid the lowest among nurses. The low pay perhaps stems from the fact that CNAs do not need high school certificate contrasting the other categories of nurses. On the other hand, if they work in Medicare and Medicaid-qualified institutions they have to go through training and pass a test within four months of work. Long hours and night shifts frequently take a toll on the health of nurses. Additionally, the necessity to lift patients causes back injury. Usual use of rubber gloves can cause latex allergy. Exposure to infections and diseases is an added work-related peril. Managing frail and at times violent patients on a regular basis can cause emotional anxiety.

Apart from nursing jobs, other categories of jobs in nursing homes comprise office and administrative support. A few of the employees in these jobs have a degree in health care supervision, whereas others have a general degree.

The vocation of a nurse is as dignified as that of a doctor. If you enjoy working with and for people, nursing can be a good profession. Remember to carry a smile on your face at all times cause cheer can do wonders for patients’ and your health equally.

At what time a healthy person comes down with the flu, frequently spending too much time in bed in the similar position turns out to be painful. This is true of those who undergo from bed sores and abandon. That ache that we can all recognize when we lay on one position for too long is made stronger exponentially when it approaches to bed sores. Victims of neglect often find bed sores rising on their body which range anywhere from little red marks to sores that go through all the way through the skin to the bone or an inner organ.

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