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Options in nursing career – psychiatric nursing

The unique feature of nursing profession in healthcare industry is the vast scope for specialization. One nurse, with a basic nursing qualification, can choose any one specialized branch of nursing and gain expertise. One such area of specialization is Psychiatric nursing, also referred to as mental health nursing.

As a psychiatric nurse, you will be responsible for taking care of the people who are suffering from mental disability or some sort of mental illness, emotional distress, and or psychological disorders.

Contrary to the other departments such as pediatrics or geriatrics, as a psychiatric nurse, you will be dealing with patients of all ages, because mental disability can affect a person and make him a patient at any point of time.

Any nurse with a basic qualification cannot treat psychiatric patients with care, and as such, one needs to acquire some additional qualification and exposure to become a psychiatric nurse. In order to become a psychiatric nurse, apart from the basic qualifications, one should take up specialized courses on psychiatry as well as psychology, and should also allocate a part of their practical training to work with mentally-challenged psychiatric patients.

One should get certificate to work as a psychiatric nurse. Apart from the basic qualification and completion of the graduation, a nurse should attend courses that teach and provide training in topics related to mental health that include psychology, counseling as well as medications required for treating psychiatric patients.

You should be mentally tough and also have inner-strength to tackle psychiatric patients and most importantly, you should establish a good relationship with the patient because the nurse-patient relationship plays a very important role in curing the patients who are subjected to mental illness. The role of a psychiatric nurse is not just treatment and care for the patient, but a challenge to make the patient return to his or her normal state, and the love, affection and kindness, you, as a nurse, shower on the patient, is the ideal treatment and best way for cure from this mental disorder.

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