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Certified Nursing Assistant: A Promising Career

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a trained person who works closely under an RN’s supervision while working in a hospital setting. You might not have been able to pursue a career in the nursing or medical field but you are closer to that reality if you choose to be a certified nursing assistant.

A certified nursing assistant usually works with a team of doctors and nurses giving primary care to patients in terms of feeding, bathing, grooming and other personal needs. A CNA also deals with filling up patient forms and coordinating with the head nurse regarding care of the patient. A CNA is an integral part of a hospital’s staff as she/he works closely with the head nurse and the patient’s doctor in order to provide optimum patient care.

Here are some other pertinent tasks that a certified nursing assistant does.

  • Managing code blue procedures where code blue means “emergency”
  • Dispensing of Medications
  • Carrying out nursing assessments
  • Surgery preparation
  • Performing CPR

There are plenty of schools that offer CNA classes. Tuition fees vary as it depends on the length of the training period. It is usual to receive from 6 to 12 weeks of intensive training to finish a CNA certificate program from a reputable school. CNA classes are offered in Community Colleges and even at some medical schools. CNA classes include instructions in subjects such as physiology, anatomy, infection control, nutrition and basic patient care. Actual clinical training is also included in the training. The training program is designed to help students learn the skills and knowledge of being a certified nursing assistant for them to be successful in their chosen career.

It is easy enough to apply for a CNA training program. First, an applicant must be at least a high school graduate. If funding or scholarship is needed, an applicant can approach the local Red Cross or Community College for possible scholarship. If time is constraint, online training programs are also available. This way, an applicant would have the option to take the training course at his/her convenience. A CNA training course is different from that of a nursing assistant for a CNA training program entails more. Aside from studying and training on how to assess and give basic bedside patient care, a certified nursing assistant training program calls for their trainees to learn hands-on at hospitals and other related facilities.

There is a qualifying State exam for a trainee to be a bonifide certified nursing assistant. Successful examinees usually find work in hospitals, mental institutions, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Some even find work as assistants to RNs employed by a private patient. Note that a certified nursing assistant need to take continuing courses each year to maintain their certified status.

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