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Certified Nursing Assistant Certification Test

Knowing what, how, and when of certified nursing assistant certification test and prospects thereafter relates to the basic information, one must learn, before one can make up ones mind to go for it and be successful in achieving the certification and move forward to adopt nursing as a career.

Requirements to be fulfilled in respect of admission pertain to background checking and TB test to ascertain that the applicant is healthy and is not suffering from TB. Individual training institutes have their own terms, but the basics remain the same.

The beginning is made with joining an Eight weeks class room course, after successful completion and clearing the Certified Nursing Assistant Test one can join the entry level career provided by health care organizations. Student gets an occasion to learn theoretical as well as practical knowledge about health care and practicing of specialized skills from class room set up and clinical learning from the laboratories of these institutions. Classes are mostly held during day time.

‘CNA’ Certification Test:

Before deciding to make career in nursing field, one is required to pass the theory as well as clinical parts of ‘CNA’ certification test.

In order to get Certified Nursing Assistant License, one has to appear for ‘CNA’ examination, which is comprised of two parts, a written test and a clinical test. One can appear in the clinical test only after clearing the written theoretical test, which usually takes place on the last day of the course completion or any other scheduled date for the purpose.

The written test is based on, what has been learnt in the theory classes like basic health care and various medical concepts. After successfully qualifying the written test, the next part of certification test is the clinical experience gained during the training period. One requires demonstrating, while working on 3 to 5 concepts of the training, in an actual setting of Patient before a Certified Nursing assistant Candidate.

One has to behave in a manner as if he is independent and in charge of the patient for nursing care. The beginning is with proper hands washing before and after examination of the patient. During the process following aspects are to be taken care of:

1. How to appear respectfully before a patient?
2. Maintaining proper interaction.
3. Treating the patient in a dignified manner.
4. Changing soiled bed pans with clean sanitized bed pans.

The Clinical part of the Certification test is conducted in the presence of state Approved Examiner. The clinical test is so vital that after completion of this test one learns on the spot whether one has cleared the theory and practical clinical test.

At the time of decision to undergo ‘CNA’ training one can decide to learn the ‘CNA’ theory in the class room training or an online learning. All other things related to theory test and clinical test are same for appearing and qualifying. For appearing in the Clinical test either the school or the online facility provider shall arrange for clinical test. In absence of necessary support one can contact State Department of health for arranging one’s schedule for clinical test.

There certain sites on line which provide free practice exam or one can choose a paid program.

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