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Certified Nursing Assistant License Registry

Certified nursing assistant license for nursing aides is issued to those certified nursing assistants (CNA)’s, who are working in a nursing care establishment and have been subjected to completion of Competency Evaluation as specified by B.L.S. (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

These (CNA)’s initially are required to do 75 hours of training at a state approved job training center. After completing the minimum prescribed minimum number of hours of training, they become eligible to appear in an examination focused at testing of their ability and skills for taking care of the patients. After passing this examination the candidates are designated as (CNA)’s and their name and particulars are registered in the registry of the state for qualified nursing assistants of that particular state.

Other requirements to be fulfilled are prescribed for each state in relation to facilities and infrastructure present in the state. All the details can be had by making an enquiry from the concerned registry of the state.

Getting Information online:

State Board of Nursing is established to provide all the online information about Certified Nursing Assistant in a particular state. For checking on line status of Certification regarding its validity, renewal, general information and where the State Boards are located. There is an option to send an email to the Board to seek specific enquiry.

The License is issued with a validity period mentioned on it which is to be renewed before expiry. The certificate mentions the name and address of the authority to be contacted for affecting the renewal for example “State of Arizona Department of Medical Licensing”.

The Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) information has listing of active / inactive licensed (CNA) with NHA with the expiry date details, which can be accessed online. The Licensed active NHA’s are in employment in their Healthcare establishments.

Licensed inactive NHA’s are at present not in employment since the NHA’s only maintain an active license. In case one wants to check the accuracy of status it can be checked online or a request for information can be mailed.

To affect transfer of license from one state to another state on can log on to www.cnatips.com/cna-license.php and proceed as per the guidelines. One can find out contact details of each state registry.

CNA Duties:

The duties of (CNA)’s or Nursing aide are based on the grading of nursing establishment, it’s function requirements dependent on the number of patients handled, strength of the staff working there and type of services offered.

In routine (CNA)’s during their ward rounds look at the general condition of the patient, measure the temperature, feel the pulse rate, respiration rate and Blood Pressure and record the same in patients history sheet of the day.

(CNA)’s are required to provide physical assistance to the patient, when the patients goes to bed or comes out of bed including supporting the patient if necessary while the patient walks.

(CNA)’s assist licensed nurse in setting up various equipments, storing or taking out the supplies for the consumption of the patient. They also assist the Nurse in carrying out procedures.

(CNA) makes the patients living conditions more comfortable, while they are in-patients of Healthcare Establishment.

Education Background for Certified Nursing Assistant:

One is required to pass High School Diploma the minimum eligibility to join the Classes for (CNA) training.  After completion of the minimum 75 hours working hours one becomes eligible for qualifying to (CNA)’s examination and Clinical test.

Necessary Training of (CNA) can be had at Community vocational colleges located in the region. The college courses acquaint the students with Working of all the Body systems, Physiology, Anatomical introduction, nutritional needs and fulfillment, Knowledge about various infections and their control measures, introduction to medical glossary, and the Rights of the Residents.

Occupational Outlook (CNA):

It is anticipated that there shall be tremendous job growth potential of (CNA) in comparison to other careers due to increase in elders population, who shall be requiring services of more (CNA)s.

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