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CNA – Dealing with Death and the Dying

Being left behind by the people you care about is such a tough experience. This is not a new issue especially to the nursing assistants who are always in contact with their patients and getting closed with them. When the time comes that their patients’ death comes, they face a very hard experience for they are not just a caregiver to these people but also they feel that these people are already have a part in their lives. They do not just perform simple tasks to the patients but far more than their usual work Apart from having a stable job, these workers make sure that they are giving their very best inorder to satisfy their patients.

One who wishes to work in cna job has really a heart of touching other people’s lives. Before one chooses this kind of career, he must be able to know beforehand that this job requires a strong personality because it is a fact that death and dying experience is common in this area. Nursing assistants must always bear this in mind.

Understanding the different cultures of every person is very important in taking considerations. Nursing assistants must always bear in mind to respect this matter and letting them do whatever ceremony they want to have before the last time of the patient’s life.

Some patients already know that their time is coming. Others verbalize that they are scared that their time will end. Nursing assistants, on the other hand, express a hard feeling because they cannot take it when they listen to their patient’s heartaches. They sometimes feel down and feels that they cannot stand anymore to continue with their profession. They forget the fact that they are the very important people who should be present. This is the time that they are really needed the most to provide support with them. Nursing assistants should take the opportunity to be with the patient during their last time, providing bedside routines or talking to them.

Nursing assistants must continue with their routine care with their patients even they know that they are dying so soon. Taking vital signs and reporting any unusualities are still very crucial especially during this moment. It is a part of nursing assistant’s job to monitor the patient’s status at all times. They should remember those conditions that the patient may be experiencing when they are declining and tell it immediately to the appropriate personnel.

Nursing assistants must try to find any ways to make the death not difficult for the patient to take. They can still administer appropriate drugs to relieve anxiety as prescribed by the physician. Some patients would ask nursing assistants to pray with them, or requesting to read for him some religious articles and magazines. They even request someone to stay with them or sit on their beds just to have a company. Nursing assistants should help each other in overcoming with death and dying. Some feel depressed after the death of their patients. This is the right time for them to have external support and employers are always there to help them.

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