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CNA – The Need for Counseling

The daily activities of nursing assistants are hectic and make them stressed out. According to the limited information we have, the only work of these assistants are to help the patients. But they do more than what we already know. They develop close relationship with the patients. They comfort the patients and also their families. They also help them in some of their activities like grooming, assisting with their meals and many more.

The experience of seeing somebody die is really bad and if that somebody is the one whom you care about, the matter gets worse. Although they have a lot of patients to look after, but a loss really leaves a gap in these nurses’ heart.

Many medical institutions are aware of such situation. Counseling is the best way to help these nurses if they lose a close friend or a patient they really cared about. Employers can conduct internal counseling or the nurses can obtain this service from external sources.

This service if provided in the medical institute is usually free until some work related issues are being discussed. The employers pay these counselors to help patients and employees.

These services are needed when assistants need their help. The information which one shares with this service providers are kept confidential. Many assistants are scared of using these services because they don’t want their information to be shared with their bosses. The information is only shared if the matter is worse and people are in danger.

In medical field, counseling is very important so they set up these services in their institutes. Employers complain that this service is expensive but the advantages are far more than the expenses. Employees will work better if they are mentally fit than those who need this service, and tend to leave the job when they do not get one.

If this service is not provided by the employer then one should go for external sources. Nursing is a job that drains a human being mentally and emotionally. The best thing to do is to keep your self healthy if you want to become a horse of a long race. This means you have to be emotionally and mentally fit. If you do not take care of yourself you will also fail in taking care of your patients and doing a good job. Counseling services are expensive but insurance covers it and the profit is obtained after being treated by these services.

Counseling services are really important for nursing assistants. If you are infected by the negative side of your job then you will be of no good use to the patients and to the profession you are working in. If you aim at the well being of the society then you should choose for a nursing assistant job. If you are helping others that do not mean you will leave your needs aside. Those who do not care about their needs may suffer burnout. If you want to render good services for others then do good for yourself first.

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