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CNA Average Salary

Salary is an essential factor that an individual should consider before entering any career. A Certified Nursing Assistant’s salary scales are among the fastest growing compared to other fields or jobs. As the demand for CNAs increases all over the country and even around the globe, the salary ranges are being adjusted to meet the growing needs. Ever since the shortage of registered nurses to fill the positions, opportunity for nursing assistants has grown.

If you wish to become a CNA, you’ll find a wide range of benefits and considerable compensation waiting for you. Most certified nursing assistants earn somewhere around $20,000 to $30,000 annually. However, there are some who earn more than that. Why is there such a large difference in the pay range?

As with any job, experience and education count. It all boils down to how many years of experience a CNA has. Gaining practical, on-the-job experience is a sure way to gradually earn higher pays or wages. The companies or organizations he had worked for also play an important role in determining a CNA’s salary. Education and school also matter. But the level of experience is the more relevant factor of the three, as this indicates the kind and quality of work he would be able to contribute to the company. A CNA who has a considerable amount of experience under his belt has almost the same experience and knowledge as a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. The only difference is the medical training to support that experience. And employers are willing to pay more for a more experienced CNA.

The companies or organizations he has worked for is also a significant factor. CNAs generally work in so many institutions. You can find CNAs working in hospitals, hospice, medical offices, nursing and retirement homes and even private homes. Each of these institutions or employers have different requirements and pay levels.

Nursing assistants must be state certified through before he can demand an increase in paycheck. Becoming a certified nurse assistant may already provide a salary advantage compared to salaries for nursing assistants who are not certified. He must first train and undergo CNA classes, whether in traditional classroom setting or through an online nursing assistant class. A regular CNA education and training lasts between six to twelve weeks. It could take longer depending on how much experience you need. If we take into consideration how an employer thinks, the longer the training, the more benefits the employer would get.

There are other ways to increase CNA salary or to take it a step further. Having further education could ultimately make a huge difference when it comes to discussing CAN salary and possible promotion.

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