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CNA Precautions

All those who enter the field of nursing assistant have an aim to help and serve others. Many nursing assistant programs do not teach their students about the precautions they have to take while on the job. It is the responsibility of all students who enter CNA program to learn the precautions themselves.

The toughest job of a nurse assistant is to take direction from others. It is common that nurses have their own way to do their jobs. This point makes the job more difficult. Nursing assistants should be willing to stand for themselves and others.

If such a situation happens in the medical institution, one needs to report it to the head nurse. Report the reason of the changes in the nursing staff that is not productive and confusing. The head nurse will look into the matter and they will conduct a training program to teach nurse assistants the way things are done.

Nursing assistants are required to help the patients perform their necessary actions. All nursing assistants should be trained so they do not hurt themselves in the helping process. One might even end up causing an injury to the patient. For instance, a nursing assistant tries to help the patient to get up. This needs another member so the nurse assistant will not perform the task himself. This may put the patient and the nurse health in danger. This also puts the job security in danger.

It is important for the nurse assistants to save themselves from transferable diseases and they are trained in institutions to save themselves.

Most transferable diseases spread through bodily fluids. To keep yourself away from being infected, you need to use rubber gloves, use disinfectants and wash your hands thoroughly. Many patients deny the help of nursing assistants. This happens because the patient is suffering from depression and hatred. Often these patients release the pressure and pain on the nurse assistants. Patients might attack verbally or physically. Do not react in a negative way. Calm the patient by helping them and telling them that you are there to help. If the patient is still attacking then you should leave the room and report it to your supervisors.

Physical attack is more abusive than verbal and a patient needs to learn that all nursing assistants have their own rights which are protected by authorities. If the physical attack is harsh and you need to save yourself then you will have to call out loud for help or use a code word according to the employer’s policy. One should report any physical attack that has taken place to their supervisor. Report the complete incident including what happened, the intensity of physical abuse and any self defense techniques you might have used to protect yourself. This is very important as patients say that you were the one to abuse first.

Nursing assistants should be trained for keeping away from burnout. Burnout takes place when one gets tired due to the hectic pressure of the job. The percentage of employees that are infected with burnout is more than any other field. It is important that a nursing assistant keeps himself away from all these threats if they really want to travel a long way in this field.

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