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CNA Relationships with Other Staff

Interpersonal relationship is an essential concept especially in the healthcare profession. Here, you will be interacting with the different personnel in every department of the hospital. It is the responsibility of every worker to relay significant findings about the client like his laboratory results and any alterations in his health status as well.

In every institution, the workers follow a line of communication. For example, the nursing assistant is obliged to tell the nurse every significant observation from the client. The nurse on the other hand, has an obligation to tell it to the doctor. If a report is being made, they must see to it that it is clear, concise and consistent, in which can be understood by all. For example, if she sees the client lying on the floor when she entered the room, she should write an incident report in a narrative way. She shoul tell what she really saw and heard without assumptions. She must include the vital findings of the client or any evidence of fracture or bruises. She must not include her feelings about the incident as it will make her notes incredible and invalid.

The role of the nursing assistants are vital because they are the ones who are always in contact with the clients. They should be treated as important as every person in their workplace. In this way, it can boost their self esteem and feel that they have really a place or part in the workplace. They can feel that they are fulfilled with the job that they are in.

On the other side, some nursing assistants express some negative concerns in their workplace. They feel that they are not included in the team and feel belittled with their position. Oftentimes, they feel that their work is not being appreciated and that other workers do not believe in their findings about the patient. They verbalize that the other staff would not let them know about the patient’s status They do not feel being valued..

The employer should take necessary steps in dealing with this kind of problem. Every worker should always remember the aim of their institution, that is to make sure that the best service is delivered. They should treat every coworker equally even if they are not in the same rank. Every individual in the team must be aware of the nature of the work of the different personnel so that they will have a clear view of one’s duty. One should not assume that anyone can be accountable or responsible to his duty. Nurses should not treat their assistants as if they are of little help. Nursing assistants contribute much in the medical field. They should be given a chance to voice out their concerns and include in the decision making.

Everyone in the team has the right to know whatever changes that has taken place. They should work hand in hand inorder to meet their goal and prevent any harm to their clients. They should build a strong camaraderie. Above all, a frequent and meaningful conversation in every worker is still a strong foundation.

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