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CNA Tips for Handling Stress

Stress is the result to the events that disturb our personal mental and physical health in some way. When we are physically or mentally threatened, our body gets out of control and our balance is disturbed. We all experience the results of stress: heart rate increases, muscles tensing up, we breathe fast and every sense gets out of order.

There is no doubt that our work pressure results to stress. One might be employed to work for extra residents; one might face an aggressive resident; one might have to comfort the families of patients and angry co-workers and the bosses might get angry due to a mistake. One might be bullied by an experienced senior staff. All these situations affect the emotional side of a human being.

Add to this the physical part of the work- the lifting, tugging, and moving of residents. One might work without taking a break. This even adds to the physical problems. One might even end up in a fight with their co-workers if they were absent and their workload was handled by the co-workers.

TEAMWORK: Best way to counter stress

If you work in a team with efficient and effective workers then you can really fight stress.

Many aides work under conditions where there is no teamwork. Alteration is slow. Set an example. Be positive and helpful. Become an example for others by working hard. Some aides might be against such actions but you do not need to pay attention. Many and most of the workers will get ready to work as a team. If there is no teamwork in a setting then you should try to build teamwork in such setting. Just give your best. The results will amaze you with the turn up of the people who appreciate teamwork.

We should always create a good relationship with the peers. It is not necessary that we do love these people or these people are our close friends. But you have no choice and you have to work with them. Help the new aides in learning the work and show them that teamwork is very important as burden is distributed.

Stress is not a problem in those places where teamwork takes place. People who are appreciated are not infected by stress. Strong teams are those who trust each other. All members of a strong team have the same goals and in nursing institutes for CNAs, this would provide the best working circumstance. In strong teams, members support each other. All nursing homes should have such strong teams to make their nursing home an example for others.

The head nurse should be considered as a team member and the leader of the team. The head nurse will have more experience and an experienced leader can motivate its member and get a job done in a better way. The nurse should always help the aides and teach them when the aides make mistakes instead of just shouting on them. The head nurse should be a caring person and should be ready to help their aides when they need them. Aides want to share information so the head nurse should be the one who listen carefully to those problems.

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