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Duties of the Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistant is hardly known by people. People think that it is just the doctor and nurse, which contribute to the care and health of the patient. They don’t even know that there are many other people who work in hospitals and are equally responsible for the health and treatment of the patient. They also play a major role in rehabilitation and treatment of the patients. The most important among such people are the nursing assistants.

These nursing assistants are responsible for the care provided at bed side for the patients. They are certified assistants. CNA duties are to make the patient perform their day to day activities like taking a bath, eating their food by themselves, changing their attires and other everyday tasks. The nurse supervises the assistant to perform his/her duties. The nursing assistants are held behind the nurses due to lack of proper qualification. To become a nursing assistant in the USA one needs to undergo 75 hours of theory classes and about 16 hours of clinical practice on nursing. This is very much less when compared to other professionals like doctors and nurses. The requirement of nursing assistants is minimal in the hospitals. Hence, they are not much valued in the field of medicine. They don’t perform any injections on the patient. They even don’t prescribe medications to the patient.

The certified nursing assistants are referred to as CNA. They do only minor procedures, but still they form a very important member of the health care team. The patients come to the hospital for speedy recovery and comfort. It is the nursing assistant who sees that the patient is comfortable and healthy as well. They are responsible for the basic needs of the patient. For seriously ill patient who cannot change their dresses, the nursing assistant helps them in their day to day needs like eating and changing dresses. By this needy help, the patient feels better and almost like normal.

Whenever the nurses are busy with some other work then the nursing assistants provide the patient’s bed side care. Massaging the patient, bed bath to the patient, changing bed sheets are all included under the bed side care. With all these treatments the patient feels more comfortable in the hospitals. The nursing assistant need to keep an eye on the each move of the patient and need to report to the nurse about any change, which occurs in the patient regarding the health.

We may consider that these nursing assistants perform minimal work and care of the patient. They are well appreciated by the patient for their hard work, which the patient notices each day. The comfort and satisfaction achieved by the patient after changing their bed sheets and after a bed bath cannot be achieved by any other member of the hospital. They feel happy because they are by themselves unable to do it whereas the assistants help them out in doing these procedures. One cannot imagine being in a hospital environment without a nursing assistant. The service done by these professionals help in the speedy recovery of the patient.

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