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Find the Right School for Your CNA Certification

The healthcare industry is one of the largest in the nation, making medical careers smart options for students. Among the important professionals employed by hospitals and clinics are Certified Nursing Assistants. In many cases, a high school diploma or equivalent is required for a job as a certified nursing assistant. However, specific qualifications vary by State laws and work settings. Finding the right school for your CNA certification is like finding the right school for your child. You have to choose wisely based on what your needs and preferences are. Some may be off to a good start in a classroom setting and some may flourish with an online education. Making a great match has many benefits. But it’s not always easy to choose the best-fit school. Here are some of the best places to search for CNA classes and trainings:

  • The best place to look for CNA classes is at your local hospital. Hospitals that offer CNA classes normally prioritize employment for students who have taken their classes and training. Visit your local hospital and ask whether they offer classes for nursing assistants. If they do not, see if they can refer you to nearby hospitals that offer such course. There is good chance that other hospitals offer this type of training. Call or visit one in your area.
  • Another place you could check out is your local college or university. Most colleges now offer CNA classes because there is a high demand for it. Specifically look for colleges or universities that have science courses. More often than not, these institutions also offer certificate programs on health industry.
  • The internet is also a good place to look for institutions that offer CNA training. If you are generally more inclined to take an online CNA course, the internet should be able to give you a list of websites or references that offer CNA training. Go check each one and take note how they go about their online class. It’s better if they also offer classroom option and have a physical address. Look for career colleges, community colleges and universities that offer online instruction. That way, you would be able to know that they are not fly-by-night companies who just operate online.
  • Another good place to try is retirement homes and communities. There is usually one in every city or town. Retirement homes or communities almost always need additional nursing assistants or caregivers and they should be able to refer or direct you to a school or hospital that offers classes. These places need a constant influx of health personnel to help with the residents, and thus offer classes to help train these new employees. Like most hospitals, they offer preferred employment if you have taken the class there. So give them a call.

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