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Five compelling reasons to take up nursing as profession

Gone were the days where the concept of nursing did not gain the recognition it deserved and is often treated as a mean job or a lower-grade job. Thanks to Florence Nightingale, who, the lady of the lamp, as we all know about her, by her pioneering service to the wounded soldiers in the camps at the Crimean War, redefined the concept of nursing to that of a selfless service to the humanity at large and the patients at large.

Now, the profession of nursing is an honorable one and a worthy profession that will not dry out or wane in the midst of economic cycles. Nursing is part of the health care industry where the need for qualified and dedicated nursing staff is always in short-supply.

What are the characteristics of a good profession?

A good profession is one in that there is a sense of guaranty for the job, good remuneration or pay package, opportunities for learning and prospects for growth, all at one hand and sense of satisfaction and pride on the other hand.

Nursing meets all the basic ingredients of a good profession. There is a sense of guaranty to the job in the health care industry for a trained nurse. Depending upon the place of service and the responsibilities, the financial package can be more than rewarding and there is no reason to discard this profession on the grounds of less remuneration or pay package.

Nursing job, as a Certified Nursing Assistant, in the first stage is just a beginning in this vast area of health care industry with ample opportunities for growth and learning. In less than two years under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, a CNA can get promoted to the post of a Registered Nurse. In some countries and / or states, licenses are granted to qualified nurses and they get designated as Licensed Practicing Nurses or LPNs.

The profession of nursing is not confined to services to a patient at the bedside. It encompasses a whole ambit of duties including health care assistance to the aged persons at their homes, community health services for special types of people such as physically challenged persons, people living in orphanages or old-age homes and all such places where the people need care, attention, and service.

The primary role of a nurse is to make an impact or change in the life of a patient and play a role in transforming the patient to a normal person.

The first person entrusted with the responsibility of saving a patient from a disease or minor ailment and ensuring that the health condition does not deteriorate further is none other than the Nurse. When you visit a doctor with some health issue, the doctor diagnoses the problem and advises the nurse to take care of the patient’s health. Thus, the nurse plays a very important role in saving a patient.

The anatomy of the body and the physiology or functioning of the organs in the body is a real fascinating subject. How each and every part coordinate among themselves, act and react as a well-orchestrated music concert, and execute the duties meticulously is itself a fantastic and very interesting subject. As a nurse, you will get the opportunity to learn the anatomy, appreciate the salient features, and diagnose the reasons for the occurrence of some types of diseases.

Thus, these are the broad reasons that should make any passionate person consider taking nursing as a profession that not only offers good prospects for growth and earnings, but also immense job satisfaction.

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