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How Do I Become a C.N.A.?

Everyday more people need excellent medical care in hospitals and long-term care facilities. C.N.A.s are vital direct care workers that assist nurses and other medical personnel in caring for patients and ensuring the smooth functioning of the healthcare facility.

A career as CNA is an excellent choice for individuals who have a strong interest in providing care to patients. CNAs must be patient, tactful, understanding, dependable, emotionally stable, and in good overall health. They must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be able to effectively work as part of a team.

C.N.A.s need at least a high school diploma or GED and must complete a 6 to 12 week Certified Nursing Assistant certificate program with a minimum of 75 hours of education including 16 hours of supervised clinical instruction. Community colleges, vocational-technical schools, and medical facilities often offer CNA certification programs. Students learn anatomy and physiology, basic nursing skills, infection control, and nutrition and receive hands-on experience through clinical activities.

Most CNA programs offer a certification exam and regulations vary by state, but usually include mastering a set of basic patient care skills. CNAs are placed on the state registry of nursing assistants once they pass the state examination. They must complete 12 hours of continuing education every year to maintain their certification.

Ready to become a C.N.A.? Here are a few questions to ask your self before taking the next step.

#1. Am I ready?
#2. Is this something that I could make a career our of?
#3. Am I responsible enough to take care of others?
#4. Do I enjoy taking care of others?
#5. Am I emotionally and physically ready for a career in the healthcare industry?

Here are some of the most commonly use methods to obtain your certification:

#1. Your local Nursing Care Facility.
#2. Community Colleges.
#3. Vocational Rehab
#4. American Red Cross
#5. Free Online Classes

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