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How to Get an Online CNA Certification

If you are thinking of switching into a career in healthcare, but cannot spare the time for formal education, then it is possible for you to get a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA certification online. These online CNA classes are perfect for full-time workers or single parents who would like to get a foothold into the healthcare industry, as they allow students to do the coursework to suit their schedules.

CNA’s are very much in demand, despite the recent economic crisis, as the job entails significant experience and technical skills. They are the ones who assist the Registered Nurses (RN) or the Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), in order to free them up for more specialist tasks. The CNA’s are the ones who provide additional support to patients with regard to their personal healthcare and activities of daily living. These tasks involve assisting with personal hygiene, feeding, medications and the checking of vital signs.

In order to achieve your goal of getting an online CNA certification, just follow these guidelines.

First you must do your research. Asking about CNA classes at your local hospital is a good start. If they do not offer any classes online, then the internet can also be a good place to look. However, be wary of online courses that tell you that you can get your certification online, as this is simply not true. There are many online courses available out there that will suit your time and budget, so choose your program carefully and ask around for personal recommendations.

Online CNA classes are usually offered by vocational schools, technical colleges, community colleges and trade schools. Students are taught CPR, Basic Nursing Skills, Human Physiology, Infection Control, Introduction to Healthcare and Human Anatomy.

CNA courses typically cover lessons on CNA policies, laws and caregiving procedures. The lessons are usually taught in an “online classroom,” possibly with the use of video streaming, and will roughly take 120 hours of training time.

The reason why an online CNA course cannot be taken fully online is because one must need to go through an internship to be certified. These internships may take place in a healthcare setting, a classroom, a nursing home or a hospital. The minimum number of hours you have to spend under internship will depend on the state requirements.

For you to be able to practice being a CNA, you will have to pass the national CNA exam. After completing the online classes and your internship, then you can start looking for the nearest testing center where you can take the exam. Once you pass, then you will be ready to begin your new career as a CNA.

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