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Nursing Assistant Job in the US

A lot of recognition and prestige is given to nursing assistant or aid job in America. In this country there are lot of nursing training jobs which are producing very successful nursing assistants. These institutions provide quality training to these nurses. With the clock ticking and time advancing the demand for these nurses have really gone up in America. The important work assigned to these nursing aids and assistants is to provide comfort to the patients and take care of them under serious supervision of doctors and many nursing hospitals.

Nursing assistants are even named as geriatric attendants and assistants in hospitals. These nurses are assigned to complete different types of jobs. The jobs of these people include: serving food, grooming, delivering important messages to the patients, aiding patients in taking a bath or changing clothes, making bed for the patients to provide them with comfort. They have to check the body temperatures, pulse rates and blood pressures of the patients.

Those students who want to make a career of this job are provided proper practical and theory training. It is a very responsible task and these people should be well trained to do this job properly. For example, the Certified Nurse Aide Workforce Skills Award course has been developed with a course having 8.8 Continuing Education Unit plan. This program is eight to six weeks long. Certificates are awarded to these students after completion of the exam conducted under the supervision of Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. Such Certificates are awarded to those students who are able to finish Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Service or NACES test. After this process they will be authorized a license to which shows they are lawfully and legally allowed to do a nursing job.

The total cost of this training program is $325 which inclued examination and insurance cost. According to Career InfoNet Occupation Report by America, the job openings will jump up by 22% for the job of nursing assistant withing the coming seven years. For those interested about the job, they can visit http://www.dads.state.tx.us/ or http://www.acinet.org/ website to gain further information about these jobs.

A certified nurse assistant can earn upto $ 13/ hour. In a matter of time there will be an increase in the number of jobs available for nurse aid. There are many reasons of the increase in the demand for nursing assistants. With an increase in the number of old-aged people the demand for experienced and certified assistants is also increasing to aid these patients. According to the Department of Labor, by year 2014 there will be a huge recruitment in this particular job arena. One can benefit from the availability of the Internet services to learn the training program. People should visit reputable online web sites to earn a qualitative nursing aid training course. In this program they are trained to take good care of the patients. Emphasis is paid to the rights of these patients, grooming and reporting of patients. These people are even taught the way they can create good relationship with their co-workers.

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