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Nursing Assistants Regarding Over Attachment

The work of the CNA is that they get into one kind of relationship or another with their residents. CNA do not want to stop serving for the residents they care about and will ask their employers to assign them to those residents whom they are closely attached to. The CNA ends up spending more time with those residents whom they are close to and lesser time with the other residents.

It is unhealthy if a resident gets too close with the CNA. The patient is dependent on the CNA to be happy. They refuse the help of the other CNA and have a bad day if they do not meet their co-CNA. Many patients fall in love with their CNA. It has already been experienced that a CNA got a crush with their patient. The age factor is not even important.

Working relations and other residents suffer when the CNA assigned to them neglects them for another resident and other CNA has to take care of other residents.

An important note on being close with the resident’s family:

Many times relationship develops between the CNA and family members of a resident. This is even worse than having a relationship with the resident itself.

Often times:

The family may not accept any other CNA than the one they are attached to. They might end up doing responsibilities they are not even trained for. All the talking done by the aide will be listened to carefully and if anything wrong is spoken then matters get worse.

People might use the CNA as a spy for the families they work for and the important and confidential information might be leaked. The CNA might end up sharing important information about the hospital with the resident’s family and a major problem might take place. Goon might even threaten to kill the CNA if the CNA did not share information they need.

Some aides might end up thinking that families might have some superhold over a facility. There is nothing true in this. Only government bodies have the” power”; as legal standards do.

Other aides might use these families to get themselves assigned to residents they like. Aides might even ask financial help from the families they serve by telling them about their hardships. Aides even try to become a permanent helper of a resident with the help of the families. The aides involved in such doings should be kicked off.

It is never healthy that a CNA has a relationship with a resident or its family. The biggest problem attached to this case is that once a resident and CNA come emotionally and physically close then it is hard to separate them from each other. It is good to change the staff serving for each person in a very short period of time. This should be done every month, every week or every year. We all want the best for the residents. We all sympathize with the condition of the residents but it is not necessary that if we sympathize for someone we end up in a friendly relationship with them.

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