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Preparing a CNA resume

Now that you had passed your Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA exam and have received your certificate, you feel that you are now ready to make a head start on your nursing career.

Getting organized would help you a lot while looking for a job. Use a professional-looking business folder to keep your CV’s and resumes in, together with cover letters, calling cards and references. Make sure that there is always more than one copy of these inside the folder, just in case an opportunity crops up out of the blue. Make sure to choose a folder that is discreet and plain. Employers might get put off by folders with cartoon characters in the design and may not take you seriously.

Many people forget to write cover letters for their resumes. As this is a very important part of your application, make sure that you write one for yourself. Write a cover letter that is tailored to your particular business and expertise. It is alright to copy and paste from old letters, just make sure you have the right addressees and that the letter is updated. Write a very brief piece about yourself and why you believe that you are fit for the position. End the letter by saying how you look forward to hearing from your potential employer, then sign the letter off. For a quick reference, you can type your telephone number underneath your name.

At the beginning of your actual resume, you should also state your career goals in a couple of sentences. State what type of work you are seeking, if you are specifically looking for CNA positions or what benefits you could bring to a potential employer.

The resume should be divided into three parts – your work history, education and skills. Under your work history, you should list down information on at least the last three places that you were employed in. If your employment history is too long, keep the items that are less related to your job prospect very short. Be careful about leaving large gaps in your employment history, as these will be potentially questioned by your interviewer. Under the skills section, write about the different skills that you have, as well as a little bit about your personality. List down here if you have certification in other areas, what computer programs you are good at and how well you get along with colleagues, etcetera.
Most employers nowadays will require references from at least three sources. Make sure that your reference knows that you are putting their name on the list and what type of position you intend to apply for.

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