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The Top 10 Worst Paying States for CNA

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is in demand today. For the year 2016, there is a projected more than 350,000 jobs for CNAs in the United States alone. This is directly related to the rising long-term care needs of the aging population.

A CNA’s job is never easy. Although a CNA works under the supervision of an RN in a hospital setting, a CNA is still more in direct contact with a patient as it is her job to attend to a patient’s basic needs.

A CNA can also work in a hospice, or be are employed by an extended-care facilities or home health. A CNA could also be employed by individuals who want extra help living in a health care facility or in the comforts of their own home. However, working in a private home could entail other duties such as, such as cooking, shopping, and/or cleaning.

In connection, how much does a CNA earns? The answer to that is it’s different for every State. It is reported than a CNA’s average salary as of November 2009 is $31,000. This is the average of all job descriptions directly related to being a CNA. For example a CNA who works in an LTC (long term care) facility averages at $21,000 to $34,000 a year. A CNA working in an evening shift in a hospital earns about $31,000 a year $37,000 annually. Salaries vary in each State and type of establishment. Rate per hour can be as low as $7.50 to high $20s.

There is a survey that showed that the top ten States that pay the lowest at a per hour rate for a CNA are: Missouri with a per hour rate of $9.40; a close second is Idaho at $9.23; South Carolina pays $9.22 per hour; Georgia is at $9.08 per hour rate; West Virginia pays their CNAs $8.78 on an hour basis; Alabama at $8.76 7 while Arkansas is at $8.74 per hour; number 8 is Oklahoma at $8.62 per hour basis; Mississippi’s rate is at $8.16 per hour and the lowest rate pay per hour for a CNA is in Louisiana at $7.57.

At the rate of $7.57 per hour with no overtime and other bonuses, a CNA is Louisiana earns around $62 a day, a very low $1860 a month and a gross annual income of $22320.

If a CNA works in Missouri the pay would be $75.20 on an eight –hour shift, totaling $2256 per month and an annual gross income of $27,000. This pay rate is not bad at all since the cost of living in Missouri is not as high if one lives in California or New York.

Being a CNA could be your stepping stone to a more lucrative pay of an RN. If reality, an RN is paid at least double the rate of a CNA and in most highly urbanized States, even triple the pay. An RN’s pay averages at $70,000 a year in most States.

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