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The Top 5 C.N.A. Jobs

There is many reasons to become a C.N.A. There is a lot of rewards in knowing you can help make a difference in someone’s health or make their last few days comfortable. As well as room to advance in a nursing career. Lets not forget it is one of the many careers that is versatile. You can work in Hospitals, Home Health Care, Rehabilitation, and in some cases with children. But the most conmen is Long Term Care Facilities.

1. Hospitals
2. Home Healthcare agencies
3. Rehabilitation
4. Assisted Living Communities
5. Short Term and Long Term Care Nursing Homes

Being a C.N.A., you are not restricted to one “kind of” place you can work. You have several options. You can work for Hospitals, Home Healthcare agencies, Rehabilitation clinics, Doctors offices, Short Term Care Facilities, Assisted Living Communities, and Long Term Care Nursing Homes. There are so many ways you can make a defiance as a C.N.A. Sometimes what is a good fit for someone is not always the best for another. Its up to you to figure out what is best suited for you.

Hospitals have Medical Surgical floors that is for all ages that need help recovering from surgery. Some Hospitals offer Rehabilitation rooms as well. You will help people recover from all types of injuries.

Home Healthcare Agencies are strictly for you to go into their homes and help family members take care of their loved one. In most cases people that stay at home to be taken care of just need that little extra help to do normal everyday activities. You might so things like taking out trash, cooking, cleaning, or helping them with medications.

Short Term Care Facilities are mainly used for people that need just a little longer to recover from a fall, illness, etc. There isn’t a lot of hands on with Short Term Care Facilities as there is with Long Term Care Nursing Homes. Long Term Care means just that long term. This type of nursing home is where being a C.N.A. can be very challenging. That is where you will get the most hands on experience.

Assisted Living Communities are for people who need 24 hour monitoring. This is a lot like Home Healthcare. The difference is they don’t have family or friends to look after them when you can not be there. Most of the time these people move to Long Term Care. Its not often that they are able to go back home.

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