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Top 10 Nursing Schools

When choosing what school you are going to attend, this can be a very stressful and complicated decision; here is the most current list of the top 20 schools for nursing programs in the U.S today. Take a few minutes and research all of these schools. All of them are reputable and offer outstanding nursing programs, and don’t put all y our eggs in one basket, be sure to apply to more than 3 schools as a positive reinforcement.

1. University of Washington, Seattle
2. University of Pennsylvania
3. University of California; San Francisco
4. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
5. University of Illinois, Chicago
6. Columbia University
7. University of Texas, Austin
8. University of Pittsburgh
9. Johns Hopkins University
10. Yale University
11. University of Maryland, Baltimore
12. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
13. Rush University
14. University of Colorado
15. University of Arizona
16. Emory University
17. University of Virginia
18. University of Washington, Tacoma
19. Oregon Health & Science University
20. University of Missouri, Columbia

Here are a few tips for those of you when you do get into hat right nursing program for you.

In any case, you can’t really know if you want to do it without spending time in the hospital.

• Volunteer the summer before school starts in a hospital environment, get use to the lingo and the hospital layout. Or get a summer job doing something in the hospital or a clinic.

• Go ahead and buy an NCLEX review book at the beginning of clinical. You can always search online and get a good deal, usually after the last semester before summer, this is a good way to begin reviewing all those tough courses you are going to be dealing with. You can never start too soon!

• Something to understand about NCLEX is that it asks you questions based on your ability and adapts to your level. The passing questions are based on synthesis and critical thinking, not recognition and recall. This is the kind of test where you have to answer tough questions, one after another, stay calm and level headed and you will do fine.

• Don’t study for the grades I know that is probably the most ridiculous thing you are going to hear or read, but this isn’t about getting A’s and B’s it is about getting the work done, memorization and learning the different systems.

• Take time to play. Be sure that you relax, do the work, do your time in class, and your homework. Then be sure that you are allowing some time for yourself. It is important to focus son all of your lessons, and labs and take everything you are doing very seriously, but in that, you need to make sure that you are allowing for time for you, have some fun, make friendships, time flies, and there is no going back and there are no “do- over’s” this applies in the classroom and outside of the classroom. If you have yourself stressed out before every exam or practical then you are setting yourself up for heartache.

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