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Top Ten Best Paying States for CNAs

A lot has been said about the average annual salary that a CNA earns. There are numerous information claiming that a new CNA is paid anywhere from $7.00 to $9.00 an hour and that an experienced CNA can get as much as $15 an hour.

A non-profit group randomly selected 10 cities all over the United States for salary survey to get an estimation of a CNA’s average salary. The ten cities are: Chicago, IL, New York (Manhattan), Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Dallas, TX, Miami, FL, Charlotte, NC, Indianapolis, IN, and Los Angeles, CA.

Topping the list in terms of average gross CNA annual salary is New York at $34, 748. Compared to the average salary of an RN in New York ($76,808), a CNA’s salary is not even half of an RN’s. In Los Angeles, a CAN’s salary is at $32, 450 while an RN’s salary averages at $73,344. In third is Chicago with a CNA averaging at $31,400, an RN at $67,700. Indiana CNAs earn an average of $ 29,350; in Dallas, $29,255 while at Houston $29,000. Charlotte pays their CNAs an average of $28, 972 while they pay their RNs $65,000 a year. Phoenix is at $28,690 while Miami pays their CNAs $28,000.

All these communities are highly urbanized cities in the US. Compared to gross annual salaries of RNs, the salaries of CNAs are cut in half.

Another site surveyed a total number of CNAs working from all over the United States to get the information needed to rank the ten top paying states for CNAs. According to the survey, the top paying states for CNAs on a per hour basis are: Alaska ($14.36); New York ($13.63); Connecticut ($13.54); Massachusetts ($12.77); Hawaii ($ 12.53); District of Columbia ($12.47); Maryland ($12.47); Delaware ($12.32); New Hampshire ($12.24) and the last is Nevada at $12.23.

The results of the first and second sets of survey are completely different. The difference could be attributed to the number of respondents and other scientific (or not) values and equations used. The bottom line is it is clear that the average salary of a CNA is $27,500 from the first survey and around $35,000 in the second survey. For what it’s worth, the two averages are not bad at all.

A practicing CNA in California reported that the CNAs are paid between $15 and $20 per hour in California. This could actually hold true because the cost of living in California is high just like in New York and Boston. What is sad is that compared to other managerial jobs (office, warehouse, customer service and such) a CNA’s salary is in the bottom rung.

A CNA’s job is never easy. Surely a higher compensation is in order.

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