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Are you self-driven to become a nurse?

Just before our senior year in high school comes to a close, there is a tie when we sit down with our counselor to discuss our future career with us. At that moment of our lives choosing a career may not be at the forefront of our minds. After all, we are just teenagers and all we care to know are the trivial things in life and how to have fun. We know nothing of the hardships in life. Some may encounter difficult realities, but most people practically coast through teenage life pretty easily. It may seem ironic, but it is at high school where we make the choices that could ultimately direct and change our lives.

In the recent years prior to the recession there has been a great demand for health care practitioners like the nurses, CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) and LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses). The financial gain when working as an RN, CNA, or LPN is rather good considering that the degree needed in order to become a nurse isn’t that tedious at all. For CNAs, it doesn’t even take more than a year of studying to finish the program. The monetary gain is a strong motivating factor in taking the course on nursing.

In countries like the Philippines and India, a lot of incoming college freshman are enrolling in health-related courses. While there are a number of students who take the course by their own liking, majority are forced to take it following the demands of their parents. Teenagers who do not know what they want or who they want to be in the future may cave in to their parents’ wishes and just go along with the flow.

Four years later, the world has a new batch of graduate nurses that are academically prepared to make it to the real world. The question is, is being academically prepared enough to make a nurse out of a person. The answer is definitely a big no.

One person’s head may get filled with all the necessary information needed by a nurse on the job. However, an innate motivation from within the person is very important.

Nurses should be self-driven. They should have the calling to serve and help people not just during working hours while inside the facility but at all times. Being a nurse does not end when you walk out of the hospital. You carry the mantle with you wherever you go even when you are not wearing your uniform.

Nurses should learn to love their job. It comes along eventually for some. Unless that happens, they will always be counting the minutes to go until the end of the shift. We should put our minds in the job.

Being a nurse is a noble profession. We shouldn’t tarnish the name of the profession by performing incompetently. Nurses need to have that genuine care and compassion toward their patients. Patients on the other hand need the healing hands that care and not robots that were only driven to work by financial motivation.

There is a lot at stake when you force yourself into a job that you do not put your heart into. Nurses easily get distracted when they do not focus on their work. Their inclination toward other things may become a weak spot that may eventually cause them to commit an error. Nurses deal with lives. There is no room for mistakes here, because a mistake could mean the difference between the life and death of a patient.

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