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The beginning of a CNA Career

The abbreviation CNA is used for Certified Nursing Assistant, which is the entry point to make a career in nursing field. Before some one decides to become a CNA, one has to ensure that the person has necessary passion and devotion to serve the ailing humanity.

The nursing candidate after completing 75 to 100 hours of specified state approved training and passing state administered written test and practical clinical competence test gets certified registered at State Board registry services maintained by the board. The CNA although holding certification, works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

The Prospects of a CNA Career:

The job of a CNA is a very satisfying in terms of potential to grow and it is in great demand based on the anticipated projection of Bureau of Labor Statistics, which has created the fear of acute shortage by 2016, if efforts are not made to increase the seating capacities of CNA traditional Class Room Training schools and online versions of training provided by schools approved by the State Health Board.

Practically it has been noticed that the new CNA finds, what was not expected, when there is high load of work assignments and running about is more, badly affecting the efficiency and promptness. This is a moment, when one can find out regarding which CNA is more passionate and devoted to the work. The CNA’s who consider the assignment to be nothing more than a job to earn money for meeting living expenses, are the one who have made a wrong choice to join and are not going to stick to the job for a long time.

Patience, confidence along with maturity to understand the other person is essentially very vital for satisfactory job performance. Other characteristics, which shall make a CNA successful in sticking with the job and progress to a Registered Nurse, are related to having excellent inter-personal skill and the role of team player in the healthcare set up.

Background Checkup Requirement:

When one is offered an employment at a healthcare facility one is required to have clean background check up to rule out involvement in criminal acts and be free from drugs abuse because of existing unsocial links with persons, who have criminal record and operating in hidden cover provided by the drug abusing community.

One should keep in mind that the job of a CNA is not difficult, in view of the above mentioned guidelines of information. Depending on the location CNA is known by few other names also like Nurses Aides, Orderlies, Patient care technician and Home health aides etc. which mean the same.

The Mandatory Training Options:

Irrespective of one’s living place one requires to get the specified training. Some times the local health care facility or Nursing Homes offer free training classes in other words, they are paid for by the facility meant for persons,  who do not have previous experience and is willing to join training spread over 2 to 6 weeks full time.

There is a precondition to such offers that after completion of the training one shall work with facility for minimum specified time, in lieu of the free training offered by the facility. In certain cases these facilities pay fee for the state health board administered written and clinical competence test.

In case a paid training offer is not available or one does not want to accept the preconditions, one can Join a community college out of many operating in a state or avail the Training Facilities offered by Red Cross having their centers through out the country. The training can be for a period of about 6 months and can cost $300 to $600. The Red Cross Trainings are very exhaustive and the candidates get preference at the job over other trained CNA’s because of their confidence and perfection acquired during extensive training.

From where ever one gets the training, the written tests and practical clinical competence and certification procedures are same for every one as regulated by the State Health Board for certification of the CNA. Some health facilities managements permit the candidates to work for 3 to 4 months before certification is achieved.

The Practice Test of Clinical Competence:

At the Clinical competence test, the State Health Board appoints an examiner, who observes the competence skills of a CNA candidate participating in the test after passing the written test. Little bit of nervousness feeling of the candidate is considered a normal occurrence, the objective is how the candidate proceeds in properly washing of hands, wearing of sterilized gloves and changing them at every patient examination, are necessary precautions to contain spread of disease.

knocking the door before entering a patient room, taking care of the curtains with due regard to dignity and privacy of the patient, introducing himself to the patient and explaining to the patient the procedure to be conducted so that the patients has the knowledge of his/her treatment. Practice of using safety measures, while the patient is move on a stretcher loaded trolley or a wheel chair are of utmost importance.

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