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Why Become Nurse –For Salary or for Service?

Since the population is growing by leaps and bounds and the baby-boomer generation is all ready to retire, the demand of nursing is skyrocketing. Nevertheless, in spite of the tremors of recession felt across the world, health care industry has remained almost unaffected due to its service, which is mandatory! Nursing has been one of the most sought after careers since many years and statistics reveal that it would continue to be in action for decades to come. But then, what makes you to think becoming nurse? Is it the salary/package you get or the service you wanna serve the mankind?

The question may come like a bullet through the brain and you may rethink about your decision! Of course, the nursing has demand, future and salary –all! Only in United States, there are more than 2.5 million nurses (Registered) but still not enough to satisfy the hunger that the sector of health care has. If you are driven by the desire to feel the difference in a career, which is about care-giving and compassion, you have set up your mind in a right direction. Being a nurse would sooth the brain as well as the soul since you just help relieving the pain and sprain from the patient’s body.

Being a nurse also makes you to think critically that is rooted in evidence based medical cases. There have been stupendous opportunities for baccalaureate-prepared nurse who is registered with local health board. For the nurse, the doors of success are opened at several health service providing centers such as hospitals, health care clinics, public health settings, PHCs (Primary Health Centers) and many more.

Nursing for Service

Indeed, nursing is a noble profession and an ideal nurse would have contributed her commitment and dedication to the patients by giving a healing touch. Often, we hear the sentence said by someone “I care you!” and this makes your day. The nurse’s job is to care the patients suffering from one or more signs and symptoms.

The profession of nurse is all about caring and healing that is solely based on scientific but moral and philosophical frame. The harmony between the medical science and the humankind acknowledges a deepest value of quality in service to make the life free from diseases. Nurse has capability to include her ethical, physical, psychological and moral characteristics to augment with medicines for a quicker recovery of the patient.

Nursing for Salary

In the year of 2004, the average annual income for a registered nurse was approximately $54,000 and the figure has not dropped ever! Nurses have been constantly getting raise over the time and nevertheless, they earn more by getting extra shifts and overtimes. The demand for nursing would continue to rise for quite a long run and every year, more and more private practitioners, health care providers, super specialists, physicians and surgeons are now hiring nurses to lessen their burden. All in all, this gets you an enormous amount of scope in health care industry. Not to say, if you super specialize the nursing (for instance, core nursing in cardiology department), the earnings are unlimited!

No matter why you chose nursing for, it is the niche area that would never let you down.

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