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Nursing Assistants are Worthy of Recognition

Nursing assistants have contributed to the medical field by their hard work. They help their patients to meet their basic necessities. They build close relationship with these patients and get close to them. They are trained to do such stuff and this training is really helpful for others. They have skills to work hard, and work under pressure.

Though these nurses take pride in their work, but they also feel they are being taken for granted. They do so much work while remaining in the background. This is why people fail to realize their importance and appreciate them. There are several ways in which these nurses can be appreciated.

Many families leave a thank you card or note to these assistant nurses. This simple note makes a huge difference as these notes motivate these nurses as they feel that there are people who recognize their hard work. This makes them work much harder. A small gift such as a flower bouquet and chocolates can really make a big difference while you are thanking a person for their work.

We have seen that nurses do not appreciate their assistant’s good work and only point out at the mistakes they have made. This needs to be changed as just a small word of appreciation makes a huge difference. Employers should make nurses feel that they are part of the job and their skills are highly needed. This can be done by involving them in the discussions. This will gain the nurse self confidence and they would feel their importance.

Employers should not lose these assistants as these nurses are highly demanded. If their assistant nurse is facing burnout or need counseling then they should provide them with Specialists.

Employers can send appreciation to every nursing assistants and the entire team as a whole using employment news letters. These news letters are important stuff as people read this. These news letters plus the appreciation letter may be given to the employees on pay day to make them feel extremely important. If a medical institute takes part in Employee Appreciation Day then the employers should fully utilize the day to appreciate their employees. Raises and bonuses and other monetary and non -monetary benefits should be provided to these assistants to motivate these workers so they work much harder than they already do.

Most of these nurses do not choose this profession to gain recognition. Their main aim is to help others fight diseases and make them feel comfortable when they need it the most. Not being appreciated makes the nurse lack of motivation. This even adds up with the burnout and overworked feeling that these nurses are affected with. This makes them leave the profession. All employers and medical staff should work in the interest of making these nurses feel that they are very important part of this profession and they are most needed. Many people have the idea that these nurses are not well educated and are of no good use. This will minimize the number of nurse assistants.

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