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Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistant as the name suggests provides assistance to patients requiring health care services under the supervision of a Registered Nurse posted at these centers. The patients can be staying in Daily Activities Living centers, where patients require on the bed care because of their inability to perform these activities.

The Certified Nursing Assistant has a vital role in the functioning of health care team of a hospital consisting of medical specialists, medical assistants, because is the real worker performing all the basic functions related to patient health care under instructions of health care team and supervision of the Registered Nurse.

The person intending to undergo training for CNA course is required to hold education qualification of 10th Class Diploma or GED. There are CNA training schools, approved by State health Board to provide the CNA training for prescribed number of hours to candidates holding necessary qualifications. These training are available in traditional class room settings or online depending upon the suitability of the student.

On completing the prescribed number of trainings in a class room school or on line service of a state approved provider, the student becomes eligible to appear in the state Board administered nurse competence written and practical examination. After passing the examination one is certified by the State Health Board and is in a position to join a Hospital or nursing home to work under a Registered nurse.

The Certified Nursing Assistant should possess sufficient knowledge to make preparation of the surgery room and acquainted with the surgical procedures. A CNA should be in a position to determine the difference between normal condition and abnormal condition of the patient and should pass on the information of abnormality to the Registered Nurse to look into the condition and decide upon further action. For such a capability a CNA acts as eyes and ears of the Registered Nurse.

The usual jobs carried out by a Certified Nursing Assistant are any or all out of the following job list:

• Responding to patients’ call bell.
• Turning and repositioning of bedridden patients, either alone or with assistance, to ensure that bedsores do not happen.
• Observing patients’ state of health.
• Measuring and Recording fluids intake and output.
• Observing vital signs of patients and communicate any abnormality found to the registered nurse.
• Assisting in feeding patients, not capable of taking independently.
• Providing support to patients in their moving about, performing exercise, and attend to their requirement to move in and out of bed.
• Providing patient care by applying dressings.
• Preparing patients to undergo surgery, or go to a clinic for treatment, or examination.
• Transporting patients for going to specialized treatment centers with the help of a wheel chair or stretcher.
• One should have mastery of basic nursing techniques practiced in hospitals, nursing homes and long term health care facilities.
• A CNA is required to be perfect in handling emergency situations faced by the patients and work with balanced mind and maintaining confidence.
• Most of the time a CNA is working in hospital units, some of highly proficient CNA’s are posted in high stress units like (CCU, ICU).
The normal functions of a Certified Nursing Assistant in a daily living establishment are confined to patients following self-care assignments:
• Proper caring of Personal hygiene.
• Dressing and undressing
• Helping in Eating
• Shifting the patient from bed to chair and back on the bed.
• Training the Patient to exercise voluntary control on urine and fecal discharge.
• Helping in Elimination of fecal matter.
• Helping the patient to Move about instead of remaining lying.

The Certified Nursing Assistant have great potential to advance in their careers. All the Registered Nurses one day started their Career as a CNA so the present day CNA’s can expect to become Registered Nurses by making use of continued education and experience acquired as a CNA.

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