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Degree Programs Leading to CNA Certification

The journey of CNA certification begins with enrolling in a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) program. Varying from place to place one is working in there are different names meaning one and the same CNA. There can be certain additional prefixes to CNA name depending on the specialty one is working in  There is lot of competition in nursing career to get a better job one requires to attain lot of experience.

CNA Certification Program:

By completing this program, makes one ready to accept the challenging journey ahead from RN to other rungs of the career. It is greatly dependent on one’s commitments and achievements to either stay at RN or move fast to other career posts in quick progression.

Students desirous to make their career to RN and beyond can get free information related to scholarships available and enrollment to any of the following prominent accredited schools/ institutes listed below:

Indiana State University:


Students eager to make a quick starting of a career will be able to secure accredited RN to BSN nursing degree from the Indiana State University. Indiana State University commenced existence in original form in the year 1865 and spanning a period of 2 and half centuries have helped thousands of students for achieving new, exciting careers.

The LPN to BSN degree at Indiana State University happens to be the only online RN/BSN training program in the country. LPNs and LVNs can achieve the NLNAC-accredited Bachelor of Science in nursing degree without having to enter a class room. The registered students are in a position to use The College Network’s comprehensive study materials to qualify their college equivalent examinations. Thus achieving, their required general education and elective college credits. The registered students can complete upper-level nursing courses online with ISU. The clinical hours required are arranged to be participated for completion locally with a preceptor.


North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NEASC), National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC)

Basic Requirements:

All applicants must be a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse). LPN to BSN not available in Kansas. One must have achieved 21 years age to be eligible to apply for this program.

For receiving more details regarding online nursing programs available from Indiana State University through The College Network, one can complete online form and submit.

The College Network Program:

One has the opportunity to enhance one’s career by achieving fully accredited Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s Degree or Professional Certificate in Healthcare, Nursing, Business and vast areas of nursing career specialization from The College Network and its partner universities with following benefits:

  • Learning online from home at the convenient time.
  • Achieving greater job security
  • Increasing one’s earning potential
  • No waiting list
  • Increasing Respect in Workplace
  • Availing Finance assistance options.

The College Network has necessary accreditations and shall provide you assistance in passing NCLEX examination to achieve degree for getting RN License.

With the use of very exhaustive Learning Module program, one can access it for learning the major required college material, while at one’s home and at one’s own pace. After mastering the course of Learning Modules, one is ready to take college equivalency exams at a local testing center and also get college credit without attending college classroom. One can also Transfer achieved college credits toward one’s degree.

University of Phoenix:

University of Phoenix offers RN to BSN. And has 27 Nursing Degrees to offer.

Students having interest in achieving their career goals in the healthcare industry as a nurse will find them at the University of Phoenix. University of Phoenix is also suitable for working adults for convenience of attending classes when they can.

University of Phoenix provides RN to Bachelor of Science in nursing program. In all University of Phoenix have 25 programs in the field of Health & Medicine/Nursing:

With the arrangement of easy to approach class locations, besides online studying option, University of Phoenix is responsible to ensure quality in higher education and has higher access factor. Depending upon whether  one is seeking associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, Phoenix can be helpful to achieve one’s academic goal while working a job. The achievement of the required degree is very fast.

University of Phoenix has already assisted thousands of students achieving their higher education goals.

The University of Phoenix was founded in 1976, and has dedication for fulfilling the requirements of working individuals. It has the status of largest private university in North America, having operations at more than 200 places, besides flexibility in online learning module accessible in many countries globally.

  • Irrespective of one’s location or how one is attending class, one can access real-world class education having real value.
  • Attending of class suitable to ones convenience adjusting with one’s busy preoccupation.
  • Learning from instructors, who are having higher qualification and have vast expertise their respective fields.
  • Possibility for close collaboration with peers in environment of smaller interactive classes.
  • There is great stress on personalized student support at each step in conduct of the course.

Kaplan University:

RN to BSN the university offers 20 Nursing Degrees. Kaplan University has an accredited nursing degree program offered to all students desirous of building a career in health care.  By achieving nursing degree from Kaplan, students are in a position to take charge of the future in fulfilling their dreams in a quick and efficient manner.

The Kaplan Advantage:

Online Education offered by Kaplan University provides the tools one requires for changing one’s future. The helping attitude of faculty is based on dedication for helping one to succeed and one has 24/7 contact of friendly, helpful technical support providing staff. Associate’s bachelor’s and master’s degree programs can be accessed online.

Kaplan University Facts:

Kaplan University offers high learning with true dedication for providing innovative undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education.

South University:

The university offers A.S. in Allied Health Science. It is an accredited online college, South University offers high valued Associate’s Degree in Allied Health Science for persons looking for making a career in healthcare. The program has total online access helping students in learning in their own time without affecting the presently held responsibilities.

Associate of Science in Allied Health Science degree program has online access formulated for introducing students to wide education related to general studies and has stress on life science subjects like anatomy and physiology, chemistry, nutrition, and patho-physiology.

The course is meant for students having interest in healthcare career to achieve knowledge background with help of which, they can carry forward their professional goals.


South University is holds accreditation of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


For acceptance in the course at South University, one must be a high school diploma holder or have GED with scoring of 225 or higher.

Health Care Programs available from South University:

  • BA in Psychology
  • BS  (Health Science)
  • BS  (Healthcare Management)
  • MBA  (Healthcare Administration)
  • MS – Nursing

University of Cincinnati:

The University offers B.S. in Health Information Management and many other programs related to Health care field.

University of Cincinnati’s Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management degree has the emphasis on making students learn the quality education and skills need for managing a health institution. The program is available online, not affecting persons having time constraints in their ability to enhance their career.

The UC HIM program ensures a unique route for RHITs for obtaining their BS in HIM in short duration of 2 ¼ years. The program is tailor-made for on the job RHITs, who need not get bogged down with innumerable electives to choose and get a Bachelor’s degree. There is accelerated curriculum, making possible through advanced network support, preparing students for truly excelling in the field.

A 2008 AHIMA salary study reflects that a certified RHIA has earning capability of $9,000 and $16,000 in excess annually. This CAHIIM-accredited degree program help for taking the RHIA certification through a cutting-edge curriculum designed on real-world application. More or less all of Cincinnati graduates taking their RHIA certification pass the exam.

There is highly qualified and experienced faculty having full commitment for teaching and producing future leaders in the Health Information Management field. The faculty members are active members of the AHIMA community. The University goal is for making available globally dependable experts performing their services as HIM professionals.

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