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Healthcare a Promising Opportunity

Health care industry is fast expanding even during the recession period, it has the distinction of offering many thousand jobs at a time, when the other industries as a consequence of recession, were compelled to drastically cut the size of their work force and also indulged in slashing the pay to the workers.

Any career guiding professional shall prefer to advise health care industry to persons seeking career guidance in the wake of supporting data and positive feedbacks available.

Healthcare service industry proved its great potential of bright careers during a period, when the Sun set had taken place in other industries resorting to retrenchment.

Recession & It’s Effects:

The effect of recession has been felt in some sectors of health care industry more particularly few hospitals faced credit crunch, because some patients finding difficulty in payment and delaying proposed health care or ceasing to continue their present health care in progress.

Some affected hospitals were compelled to down sizing their strength or closing altogether. The effect observed was of negligible considering overall scenario same has been labor department views. Health care industry slow down experienced is of a short duration. Some sectors of the health care Industry have fared well by creating additional jobs to provide nursing and residential services, ambulatory health outfits including home health and physician’s offices.

Basis of Anticipated Healthcare Employment Predictions:

A study carried out with special stress on California healthcare sector has revealed that the California population shall witness an increase of more than 10 million people by 2030, with almost double population of persons above 65 years and above.

Considering the above statistics it is expected that state shall require more than 1 million in next year and by the year 2030 additional workers required shall be in the range of 2 million. The actual employment shall be much more.

As a result recession the effect has slowed down health care employment growth, otherwise the industry performance recorded increase over the previous year. The planners project that there be more than 20 percent growth in the industry during the period of 2006-16.

Growth in Allied Health Care Workforce:

Now it is time for the massive growth of allied health work force like Physical therapists, Lab Technicians, Dental hygiene technicians etc.

The news of healthcare workers shortage during the previous years had stressed on nursing workers. At present nursing staff working in US is around 2.5 million. The past vacuum present in health care of nursing workers has been now filled. There is no more a shortage situation.

As a result of recession many nursing workers made a come back, while they were facing retrenchment in other fields and financial pressure forced there come back. There are health care workers having achieved age of 50 years in the profession. Fresh younger workers are making entry into nursing field. The training schools have on their rolls number of under-graduates and graduate trainees.

There can be mixed result eventually there can be a problem at the bottom level. With the recovery of job market many nursing workers may depart for their move to other sectors or under the circumstances of no progress in general jobs and un-employment increase, the nursing staff already working may not quit and the freshly trained nursing staff shall find difficulty in their placement. This can effect the decision of new entrants to select nursing career or not and shall cause shortage of nursing assistants in the subsequent years.

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