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Nursing courses to handle delivery and labor

With the field of health care developing at a rapid pace, like all fields of health care nursing has been more developed and complex. Nurses have begun specializing in a particular area of health care. One the most important areas of nursing is the labor and delivery nursing. With the shortage of supply for qualified nurses in labor and delivery nursing, the demand is higher than ever before. A nurse who specializes in this field is known as L & D nurse (Labor & Delivery Nurse). L & D nurses are in high demand which makes earn a fairly lucrative salary. Although they have high rewards they would require a lot of diligence, patience and skill as taking care of newborns and their mothers is a no mean job.

The following are some of the requirements for a L & D nurse:

1. L & D nurses need to be registered nurses. When a nursing student completes either a two year associate degree or a four year bachelor degree or even a diploma program in nursing they become a Registered Nurse (RN). On top of a degree they are supposed the clear the National Council Licensure Examination to get a license for registered license. Only then they would get degree Bachelor of Science in nursing. Almost all the hospitals, nursing employers, office of Doctors and medical centers look for registered nurses. On top of that they also require Registered nurses with some amount of clinical hours or in another words they have worked in hospitals as a trainee or as a part time employee. The requirement might vary from 20 to 100 hours depending up on the skill level required. For a L & D nurse it requires at least a bare minimum of 60 to 100 clinical hours.

2. Just getting a registered status and having some clinical hours under the belt is hardly considered to be sufficient enough for any clinic, hospital, maternity or Gynecology center to hire an L & D nurse. It requires at least a couple of years of experience in a medical surgery unit in a any hospital. This would have helped them gaining valuable experience inter acting with different kind of patients with ailments. They would know how to act during critical stages of delivery and take care of the newborns.

3. The nursing boards in the United States of America will not require any additional degrees to become a L & D nurse. But most of the clinics and hospitals would definitely require the L & D nurses to do certifications in Neonatal resuscitation and also fetal monitoring. This definitely will aid them better compared other nurses in providing instant assistance to a newborn baby. They will also be required to do various maternity related duties like preparations for birth, delivery of a newborn, birth and finally after care. They should handle delivery during complicated pregnancies which is known antepartum nursing. Also they should assist during cesarean sections, this called as circulating nursing.

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